How do you make a wiki?

I just recently achieved Regular status (やった!:partying_face:) and was wondering how to make a wiki. I googled it and people said to use a wrench icon, but I don’t see that in my editor. Any thoughts?

Edit: This post is a wiki now. Deal with it!

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Oh, of course :person_facepalming:. Thanks!


Forgive me for asking, but what is a “wiki” in the context of WK?

This is.

Something someone wrote because I made this post a wiki ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Actually, in the context of the forums.

This post, for example, is a wiki, but not the post above or below it.
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More specifically, it’s a post that anyone (trust level 1 or up) can edit.

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Ahh I see, thank you. So it would be used in the context of, say, a resource guide, something like that?

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Yeah, and for very long things.

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All the big resource lists are wikis

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