Turn "Additional Japanese Resources" into a Wiki

Since it’s archived, people can’t make suggestions, or let know whether resources are no longer available/usable.

I think this would be nice?


Someone could do that without making WK do it for us?

If someone doesn’t beat me to it, I’ll do it later today.

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Oh right, maybe I should be asking @viet or @anon20839864 if they could do that for us? It’d be super helpful to be able to revive it. And if it’s a wiki, that means that if the original poster is no longer active in the forums, we can still edit the original post.

Point me to the new topic for it and I’ll turn it into a wiki

Does it have to be a new topic? It can’t be the archived one?

Because we had this one pinned in the old forums for forever:

Can’t be the archived topic because of privacy concerns. People were concerned about the pre-migration content being opened up to the public, so we private access, archived categories which we planned on opening up.

So I recommend starting a new topic and porting the original post from the archived topic.


Okie dokie. I created a new one. I did tag you in it, but still figured I’d let you know here, too.

I was hoping for it to be pinned (since people ask the same questions that are answered in the list A LOT) as well as to become a Wiki (as I feel that would be best for a frequently-updated community resource list). :slight_smile:

Please and thank you. :heart:

I love you Viet. Platonically and in a very :crabigator: way. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve made it into a wiki.

Would it be more appropriate for the topic to be in Japanese Language > Resources instead?


Sure! I forgot about that section. :blush: whoops. o.O

I can move the topic.

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Thank you so much. :heart: :green_heart: :yellow_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:
Can we also pin it, or do you think that’s not necessary?
(Also I can’t remember if more than one thing can be pinned per area.)

I’m so happy, I’ve already got somebody that wants to start working on editing it. This is exciting! It’s so nice to see the community coming together to help :smiley:

Once it is cleaned up I’ll pin it.

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I believe I’ve gotten it cleaned up pretty well now, I won’t be working on it anymore today, at any rate.

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Wow I didn’t even realize we could make wikis on the new forum. I was under the impression we were talking about doing this on another site.


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