Intended use with sentences in SRS

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I use SRS for all manner of things but one thing that keeps coming up is people saying they put sample sentences in decks, or downloaded decks entirely consisting of them.

This initially confused me and I wanted to seek clarification… Is the intent just to force yourself to read and comprehend various sentence-sized chunks or is there some other value to it as a supplement to longer form reading practice? With sentences my fear would be rote memorisation starting to take hold, is that fine since you’re still learning things in context of grammar? Is it just an effective way to practise grammar points?

Sorry, what am I missing? :sweat_smile:

The advantage with sentences comes when they are made in a +1 manner (only a new concept per sentence) . That’s wether vocab or grammar.
The benefit is that with each new sentence you’ll be using already known concepts and learn a new one, so gradually you put to use new knowledge while reinforcing previous one.

The Jalup website has several decks that works in this manner, and there’s theself made version I do as well .

People doing sentence mining usually catch sentences on the go … But of course that means immerse yourself in the language and be aware of +1 sentences you find on the go as well.

WK sentences don’t work in this way (besides they don’t have any way of knowing your grammar skills)… I imagine that would require a mayor overhaul in the current sentences.:sweat_smile:


Thanks, I’ll take a look at those—I was confused in particular by the couple of people I saw here and there mentioning WK sentences as many of them exhibit quite a lot of flair to say the least.

That makes a lot more sense, I can understand it better now. Thank you again for taking the time to explain!


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