How do you approach learning vocabulary for book clubs

I’ve been a little overwhelmed with new vocabulary for the bookclubs. Currently, I’ve been reading a chapter and looking up the vocabulary each time; ahich is exhausting, then reading through it again. What method do you use? Sorry if this topic is listed elsewhere.


You could use

Or you can be lazy (let’s say “relaxed”?) like me and read on the Kindle where you can look up stuff very quickly. Then just move on and hope you remember things over time because you keep seeing the most important words again and again.


I just have the Jisho app handy when I’m reading. Sucks looking things up all the time, but oh well. Better than not reading at all.


exactly what I do. But then I don’t learn it :confused:

Well, if you feel like you need to repeat the vocabulary, you could start pre-studying it via floflo or add things to Anki as you go along (there should be a convenient way of adding stuff from the Kindle to Anki but I never looked it up).

But assuming that you already have some vocabulary deck in e.g. Anki that you are using to extend your vocabulary, that would just be overkill. I’d rather read and get repeated exposure that way than add even more time to SRS applications.

For how long have you been reading? What would your say your current level is? What other resources/methods of studying do you use except for WaniKani and reading stuff?

There’s not really any need to learn every word you come across, because it could take a really long time before some of them show up again. Some words are just really uncommon.

What you could do if you’re using floflo would be to just learn some of the most frequent words in the book you’re reading, or in case you’re reading something not on floflo, you could learn a word only after it has shown up enough times for you to vaguely recognise it.

Also, even if you just look up everything without any additional studying, chances are some of the most common words will stick anyway.


Hang on, just a little confused but from what I’m getting, floflo grabs the vocab from the book of your choosing in which you can pull specific vocab you may not know and learn/practice them like Anki?

Yes. But you have to type them, not just hit buttons like in Anki (which is why I’m personally not using it because I prefer faster ways of reviewing but others prefer that way).


That’s really great, will start using it! I prefer this method over Anki too. Lol checking the forums randomly is definitely useful.


Which book club are you reading with? Because there are often vocabulary lists which everyone puts together as a joint effort. Unless you’re reading at the very beginning of the week, you should be able to read with the vocabulary sheet and get a reasonable number of the words without having to look them up yourself.


I never used floflo, I just search stuff I don’t know on a dictionary as I come across it. Like @Ditto20 said, though, you don’t have to focus on being able to remember it perfectly from the first time. It becomes easier once you can actually remember “hey, I’ve seen this word before” after seeing it 3 or 4 times.

It is exhausting if you don’t know too many words, but so is doing SRS. In the end it depends on which motivates you more, I guess. I tried a few times to do SRS, but WK was the only thing I could stick with. Other people prefer learning their vocab ahead of time to have less look-ups while reading. I’d say just try doing both and see which better suits you.

  • I read.
  • I see a common word/interesting word.
  • I use the Dictionary tool on Kitsun to generate flashcards of those words in a few clicks.
  • I do the lessons for those cards on the next day.

Word lists are cool and all that, but I feel that:

  • SRSing post exposure is a lot more interesting that just doing lessons from a list of words.
  • SRSing post exposure is more effective in terms of memorization, since you’re first seeing the word through exposure (you first learn in context).



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Anki has the ability to add in typing for answers and for writing your answers. For the typing, here is a tutorial on how to do it: I don’t use my mouse when reviewing anki on my pc.

Pretty sure Irrelephant meant that they don’t use Floflo because you have to type, not Anki. Anki is faster since you only have to press one key to answer the review.


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