How do you learn vocabulary outside WK?

Apart from WaniKani (and KaniWani), I also use iKnow. But recently, I started reading manga and realized there’s a lot of vocabulary and kanji I still don’t know. I can only recall those vocabulary that is repeatedly used throughout the manga, but for those that were only used once or twice, and then I saw again in the next manga I’m reading, it becomes “Oh, I know this, but I can’t recall what it means/how its read”. It’s been recommended to me to use floflo (I think?) but I do read hard print mangas and I can’t really push in another SRS on my schedule.

Does learning other vocabulary not in my Japanese resources only get solid after reading a lot? Or do you guys have better studying advice (please except SRS) to solidify new words in your brain?


I just simplified. With Kitsun OR Anki, you can do Kaniwani + iKnow + study all the words you find in the wild, so that it would only be 2 SRS platforms (WK + Kitsun/Anki) over 3/4 (WK + Kaniwani + iKnow + Kitsun/Anki).

There’s Core 10k available which is basically iKnow + 4000 extra words on Anki and Kitsun.

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Your vocabulary will naturally improve by reading a lot. After finding a word a couple of times in different manga and different contexts, at some point you will remember it. I would say don’t worry too much for now and just keep reading as much as possible.

When there’s a word I think I should really know by now, I usually write it down on paper a few times and try to write sentences with it and a mnemonic. Of course it’s too time consuming to do it with every word, but it helps with leeches, things I tend to misread/confuse with other similar looking kanji, or words that feel important in the future but don’t appear that often in the material I’m reading. Every so often I look through those words and sentences I wrote down, rewrite some words on the side, and eventually always remember them, which ends up being faster than reviewing SRS everyday.

In the end it’s up to your learning style, if writing down words don’t help, try different methods until you find a suitable one for you. For example, some people might remember things better by hearing them or saying them out loud. However, regardless of your learning style, I don’t think you can go wrong if you keep always reading a lot.


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