Writing a letter in Japanese

first time posting a topic, so i hope i did ok and followed the rules :sweat_smile:
and that i put it in the right topic.

So I would like to send a letter to Japan in japanese obviously. and I don’t think I have much problem with the letter in and of itself, but how do you adress people in letters? :thinking:

拝啓 seems to be kind of stiff and more for really formal letters, or do I see that wrong?

so would I just go like in an email with “XXさん, こんにちわ”?

hope somebody can shine light on it for me, because I don’t want to sound like an idiot in like the first few words of the letter :neutral_face:

Do you want to write a traditional letter? There are typical letter templates that begin with typical “small-talk” like sentences before jumping into the actual content.

If you skip this, you can write 前略.

As for the addressee’s name you can just write 〇〇さん.
こんにちは doesn’t seem to fit.

I don’t really know much about writing letters in any language so the best I could do is send you link to a letter template builder:


BTW, こんにちわ, with a わ instead of a は, is not “wrong” in the sense that you wouldn’t ever see a Japanese person write it, but it would come across as something like teen girl speak.


the こんにちわ was just fast copy and paste from jisho because I’m at work without a japanese keyboard option.
stupid mistake :woman_facepalming:

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