How do I type づ?

Hi, I’ve came across づ for the first time and can’t work out how to type it in. Help?



Just type ‘DU’. It should work.

As for the reason why: TSU was originally TU (and can still be typed that way, by the way), and the voiced version of that was DU. Pronunciation has changed since then, of course, but since one is in the T row and the other is in the D row, this is how it works. :slight_smile:


BTW, there is a kana chart on the lesson/review screen. It’s the button below the input bar labeled “ひ”.

If you open it, you can navigate through all the available kana and click them to input them from there, or look below each one for the way to type it in romaji.


Write “du” but I would advise you that the next time you have a question, check the faq and the knowledge guide. If that still can’t answer your question, then make a thread about it.

Thank you @Jonapedia and @Leebo ! And I’ll be sure to check out that reference too, I exclusively use an app which doesn’t seem to have that so that could be why I was a bit lost! :slight_smile:


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