How do I reset my review queue?

I was on level 21 and I have 400+ reviews piled up. I tried resetting back to level 21, but that only reset the kanji that I learned this level — But the reviews have accumulated from all previous levels. I can’t keep up with this, it’s insane. I have a job and I don’t have 3 hours to spend on kanji every day. Seeing this review queue just gives me anxiety and I don’t want to do reviews any more. And I don’t want to advance to new lessons until I cleared the reviews. Is there any way to reset the review queue??

There really should be a way to limit max reviews per day. This is just too much. :flushed:

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You can check for the lowest level of your items that are not burned yet, and then reset to that level. The drawback is that you also reset all other items that are already burned.

The other way to do it is to stop doing lessons and continue doing reviews until the number is reduced. This can take months, however.

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I mean, if you just stop doing lessons you won’t add to the workload. Of course, that doesn’t mean that things won’t keep coming, because the pace that they return is based on your pace from months ago. So… you can go back a few levels or just chip away at it.

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Hmm~ Strategic use of vacation mode? You can do however many reviews you want to do, and then turn vacation mode on, so that the SRS doesn’t pile more stuff on. When you want to do more reviews: turn it off and turn it back on when you’re done until you’ve chipped your way back to zero.

That’s the only thing I can think of. :thinking:

Good luck! Don’t let that anxiety drive you away! It would be a shame of the hard work you already put in.

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Lool I’ve been there. I feel you. One day I suddenly had 700 reviews and it was not a great feeling. BUT if you stop doing lessons, and then make sure to everyday do more reviews than than you’re getting daily, it might take you one or two weeks to get back to zero reviews again and then when you start doing lessons you can try to adjust how many you do to adjust the amount of daily reviews you get. Good luck!

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Like by doing only this number ? There is no problem with leaving reviews pending if you feel you’re done for the day.


i agree on to stop new lessons and work on reviews. Just give yourself some space and slowly work on reviews. A few weeks later you will be better.
True story.

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