Best way to clear out Reviews?

I’ve been trying to get through about 800 reviews but I feel like I’m getting nowhere. I tried looking for some sort of option that would let me keep going through reviews but not give me new ones but i didn’t find any.

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Base on my experience dealing with this exact situation, I recommend the reorder script. You should order by the level, so that you review the old items first, because they are more likely to be correct and thus will be pushed back to a further date and will not come up again on the next day. Then you just need to struggle through maybe the last 200 items at once.

However, be wary that for the last 200, they will definitely haunt you for a while. My suggestion is not to do any new lesson for the time being, until your total number of Guru and Apprentice is under 400.


Thanks, I’ll try that out! I have definitely been avoiding lessons… I have 190 lol. I just want to catch up on reviews at least so I can try and set a good pace with Wanikani and my other study materials.


Seems like you have a good idea what you wanna do already! Good luck with the reviews! 頑張ってください!:muscle:

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I recommend getting the reorder script and reordering by level. That way you will be clearing your queue level by level and following the items in their SRS progression


What is the time required to complete 100 items? if you do have difficulties in remembering items, you can consider resetting a few levels.

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In your case, since you already stopped doing new lessons, besides the reorder script, I suggest entering vacation mode as soon as you finish your review and leaving vacation mode when you start a new one. Also try to do at least two reviews per day.

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Vacation mode would prevent items from popping up again, or new items from going on the pile. I’m not a big fan of this because then you’re changing all the review intervals, but it sounds like exactly what you’re asking for.

Really, I try to just power through as much as I can. Go ahead and just fail any items that you are slow to remember, and make the goal to get to 0. Reorder script can be helpful so that you can work on older stuff first. I’ve found it so discouraging to do a bunch of apprentice-level reviews, come back in a few hours and the review number is just as big as it was before. Wanikani reviews really pile up quick, so I’ve found that I have to do my best to force my way through them and ride that wave.


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