How do I mute a forum thread?

Thanks for the quick replies everyone :sunny: Yeah, it was the poll thread I wanted rid of the most (plus some other ones from campfire).

Is it intended behavior for the thread to still appear under the ‘RECENT COMMUNITY TOPICS’ section even when muted?

This is a topic I can get behind. I have dozens of threads muted.

What, on the dashboard? That’s not part of the Discourse platform, so I don’t know if they can do anything about that. The forum used to be on WK’s own site, which is what that thing dates back to.


Yeah, I was referring to the section that’s on the dashboard. It always catches my attention but I’ll go directly to the main forum site instead.

Also good to hear I’m not the only one annoyed by (IMHO) obnoxious forum threads. I can only assume that some people do find them enjoyable…

I‘ll tell you something although I’m not sure if that counts as blasphemy or something: you can mute an entire forum too. My study time has gone up since I muted campfire.

Edit: and on the dashboard I have a custom stylesheet or something to hide the forums entirely. Too easy to get drawn in otherwise…
I can look it up if you can‘t find it.


I may have done this as well. Though it’s not campfire that I muted :sweat_smile:



It’s… rough. :sweat:


Please accept my formal apology. :bowing_woman: I swear I had no idea what a monster I was creating.


The first time around, I can believe it. But for the second one? You HAD to know what you were doing :face_with_monocle:


@TomatoSalad It was pretty much like that. But, my e-mail inbox instead.

There are some things you shouldn’t ever experiment on, not even for science. The poll thread is definitely one of those things.


:open_mouth: Thank you for this revelation! Took me a few seconds to find the innocuous circle in the top right corner to do it, but I do expect this will help my focus. Cheers!


True. But the second one is more for the #pollfam than myself. As you may have noticed, I’m much less active there now.


I tend to go to the forums by clicking menu --> community on the dashboard. That way you don’t have to constantly see the same threads pop up in the recent community topics. :smiley:

@irrelephant What is this custom stylesheet you mentioned? Never heard of it. Is it a script?

Guess which thread I just muted?

  • Poll Thread
  • Pole Thread

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On the one hand there is [Userscript] Wanikani Procrastination Annihilation which will hide the forum only when you have reviews to do.

And for hiding it permanently there is this custom style: and an explanation for how to hide only the forum: Hiding the Forum


I’m gonna be amazed if that ole thing still works :stuck_out_tongue:

It has at least one loyal user and I can tell you: prepare to be amazed :smiley:

(Edit: it is obviously not working as well as it should and I’m still procrastinating. But I guess there is no script for that… )


You call yourself loyal… while ignoring the instructions of the script


I knooooow :cry:

Love the script. Hate my inner procrastination demons.

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I do remember seeing a script which redirected the forums to your reviews if you had any reviews

I think I remember having something like that installed but getting rid of it pretty soon. I just couldn’t take it.

I do at least have a script that shows me my number of reviews while I’m here so that I can always feel bad about them.

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