How do I learn vocab for the Minna No Nihongo books?

I have had the MNN book 1 laying around since February this year and i wanna start using it but idk how to learn the vocab without anki but i despise how you don’t have to type in the vocab and i can’t learn it without it any ideas?

Make a deck with all the vocab. Probably is a deck out there for that purpose if you don’t want to make it yourself.

I think memrise has the input feature (but possibly only for romaji), and as far as I can see, user-created courses are still free, so maybe you could try that. Tbh I really don’t understand what parts are free now and what the supscription is for, so don’t quote me on that. But I used to use and enjoy memrise a lot when everything was still free, especially for vocab.

You can make Anki cards with a typing input. Or maybe find a deck for MNN that already has it. But I make all my Anki cards with a typing section.

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