Unlocking order for kanji?

Hi there,

Looking at the list of my Level 6 kanjis, I’m curious why some are still locked (eg : blood or course) while others coming “after” in theory are already unlocked. What is the logic behind ?

Not that it would change anything for me, I am really just taking the items whenever they come, be it radicals, kanjis or vocabulary. It’s more by curiosity :slight_smile:

PS : all my Level 6 Radicals are completed , including the blood, grain and ladle (initially I thought it was because maybe some L6 radicals were not completed)

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ooops, I think I just found the answer myself : this page is just a listing by alphabetical order !
so no relation at all with any “clever order” apart the alphabetical one !!


Those with a stronger pink are those you already did the lessons from :slight_smile:


tx, all good ! I just didn’t see it was ordered alphabetically in that page ; All, Behind, Blood…
I actually assumed it was the “optimized order from the WK system” if I may say.

And yes, got it, the stronger pink ones are the one I already saw earlier in the lessons.


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