How do I access user scripts?

I’ve been gone for a while and want to review my previous kanji and vocab level by level as a refresher before I get back to my reviews and lessons. I have installed TamperMonkey, Self Study Quiz, Self Study Quiz Hide Info and Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2 but when I click on my menu I can’t access any of the scrips. This is what my menu looks like…

. Any suggestions for how to access them?

Re-order script won’t show up there, if you get the Open Framework script and the re-order ultimate script installed properly, it will just show up when you start lessons or reviews, underneath where you would type the answer. If it’s not there when you start reviews, then there is something to troubleshoot.

I had it, but I never got it to do what I wanted so I switched to the lesson re-order script.

Thanks @Jerred. All the posts I’ve read about the self study quiz indicate it should show up on my menu though.

Looks like you haven’t downloaded Wanikani Open Framework, which is a prerequisite for many scripts to work properly. Thought I’d restate, in case you missdd it in @Jerred’s comment.

Thanks it works now!

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