How dis work?

So I’m just starting WaniKani and I did the first lesson where it goes over the first set of radicals. Does the website just have a time limit to where they add more kanji and vocab as time progresses, am I able to move at my own pace, is there some secret hidden tab somewhere that allows me to move on, etc… Some clarity would be really appreciated :blush: :blush:


It’s a spaced repetition system, so it’s all set on a timer and there’s no way to push forward. The beginning is pretty slow, but after you get a ways in, depending on how many reviews you do incorrectly, your daily count can get wild (in the hundreds). If you can be patient, it’s a great system for retaining the information long term!


I will also just link you to this guide to WK if you want to know more about using wanikani


The first level is just incredibly slow. I’m only level 5 so I know just how frustrating it can be to wait out that first level; but it speeds up hugely by the time you reach level 5.

From wanikani dashboard you can navigate to Help > Knowledge Guide and you will find the basics of how Wanikani works.
Take a look at the first lessons and waiting for reviews sections and you will find your answer :smiley:

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Ok sick! Thanks you guys!!


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