Pacing of wanikani?

I’ve just started wanikani and was wondering how long before it will give me more radicals to practice? I don’t want to wait around forever reviewing the same ones.

Guru the radicals and you will get new kanji. - takes a day or two in the first levels
Guru the kanji and you will get new vocab. - takes another day or two in the first levels
Level up an you will get new radicals. - might take another day or two depending on your accuracy

Never, the entirety of WaniKani is the first 26 radicals.

But no, it takes a couple days, 4 correct answers in a row, to get them to the next stage and then you’ll unlock kanji that are based on them.

This is generally discussed in the FAQ, though not the details of the pace.

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Really nice information. i have the same questión. thanks :slight_smile:

For reference:

More lessons once you guru.


To be clear, that only applies to levels 3 and beyond. Levels 1 and 2 are accelerated.


Very correct, my good sir.

Thanks for the clarity.

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Thanks for the diagram! I had been wondering how long it will be until I have the chance to burn something…

Oh dang. Mildly disappointed it can’t keep going at that pace for awhile.

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Yeah, those ones have shorter time intervals for the 3rd and 4th reviews. But if you stay until you reach level 45, you can again move at a faster pace!

Starting at that point, the levels can be done in half the time of a normal level. The reason is different from levels 1 and 2 though. Usually you need the kanji that are unlocked from that level’s radicals to achieve 90% on the kanji for that level. This results in a big wave of new kanji, followed by a little wave, and then you level up. After level 45 there are so few radicals per level that you can reach 90% in that first wave.

I am excited to start that haha


Hmm I haven’t mastered anything. I think I’ve been doing it three weeks now. ::pout::

I’m three weeks in and I wake up every morning to 72+ reviews. I do that twice a day with smaller chunks depending on what I screw up.

The less you get wrong, the less reviews you’ll have to do. Plus whenever you get an item wrong, it will move down the list, that means you have to get your items correct for 2 weeks straight in order to master them.

If you want to burn an item, then you’re not allowed to make a mistake in those 4 months.

WaniKani is strict but it really pays off if you stick with it, so don’t give up! :slight_smile:

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That sounds like fun! It also seems to be a good place to start the 4 days per level challenge.

Only 40 more levels to go…yay me… :sob:

For just a second there I thought they actually fixed the image in the guide, but no. It’s my fault really, I should have learned by now not to expect so much.

For reference, it is accumulative. So it takes about 3 weeks and 4 days to get to that point.

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Yeah, I went and edited it myself. Did I miss anything?

I’m a new (~1 week) user myself and I totally get how the first day or two I just wanted MORE!!! But believe me it comes and it comes fast. After a few days you will be able to get your first kanji to guru level, and then you quickly have 30+ vocabulary coming plus a whole new level of radicals and kanji.

I went from feeling it was a bit slow to me purposefully not taking new lessons because I want to pace myself within the span of a week or so.

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I don’t think so. But you should’t have to fix things the devs should have fixed months ago.

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