How common is it to fail kanji or vocab when it's near Master or Enlightened?

Hey, so basically I’m getting to the point where a good number of kanji and vocab that come up are transitioning from Guru to Master, or Master to Enlightened. A lot of the time, I only have to glance at the item to tell what it is, however I’m beginning to run into a number of items that I remember being able to get through no problem, but am now struggling with. An example of this would be that I used to be able to glance at 夕 and know that the kunyomi is ゆう, however when it came up again recently I blanked hard on it.

I realize this is just the SRS system at work, and that a fail at that level means it hasn’t quite entered my long term memory, but with how frequent it feels like it’s happening now I’m just curious if it’s normal and that others deal with this same situation on the regular.


I’d say it’s pretty normal, yeah. If you want, you can check your accuracy on It’ll probably give you a better sense of how you’re doing, since it can be easy to fixate on the items you got wrong instead of how much you’re getting right.

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Totally normal. In fact, as you get to the higher levels, your failure on Master/Enlightened is going to increase as you start learning kanji that is similar to previous ones or that use them as elements.

For example:
至 - radical, mole, level 20
致 - do, level 38
至 - attain, level 41
到 - arrival, level 42
窒 - suffocate, level 56

It is completely normal. It happens to me all the time. If it keeps happening with a particular item, it might be a good idea to use one of the available forms of self-study to reinforce it.

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Here is the thread for this. The stat page is only a 60 day average so it’s a bit skewed but maybe more will share so you can get a sense.

I fail all the time, it’s not a big deal but I do make a judgement if I want to recirculate it or not. Commonly I will enter a synonym that is not precise to WK’s meaning or even available so I bypass it depending if it important or not. For example, if I enter ‘honorable guest’ and WK is looking for ‘guest of honor’, and I am not recirculating it, it’s a complete waste of time but it requires a judgement to not cheat so the slope gets slippery if you are too generous with yourself.

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