Bad clicking away failed kanji habit


I had reset to level one after hitting the wall and to much happening in my life at that time.

Being a bit more aware about my habits now I realized a pattern when I fail a Kanji. I quickly jump to the next. Instead of rereading the notes, I want to make the fail go away quickly. Instead of linking the fail with a affirmative “let’s tackle this” emotion, I just want to make it go away.

So now I take extra care to really grab the failed Kanji not only at the moment, but also going through them after the lesson again in the lesson overview.


Doesn’t matter all that much with the new self study function. Just go over them there.

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The lesson overview is where I spent time after doing reviews. Going over each item and then identifying why I didn’t remember it really helped with accuracy.


This new self study function is massive for me. Back in 2017 I started my WK journey, only got to lvl 6 and was overwhelmed with seeing over 100 reviews (because I’d take like, a day off and then get mad at myself for all the built up stuff). Coming back, I’m already back to level 6 and the self study, especially on items I get wrong, has been massive for my confidence. I remember one of the reasons I stopped was I got tired of getting the same things wrong over and over (although I’m seeing that now with various vocab with the word “day” in them lol). I might have to look into some of the self study scripts that I see on the forums.

I believe the double check script can delay you proceeding to the next review if you get something wrong. Highly recommend it, but be careful not abuse it.

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