Have you repeated a level?

I feel like… I’m not doing so great with level 10. I know it’s going to push me on as soon as I finish the Kanji. So should I reset level 10 and start over or just wait when I get to level 11 and keep reviewing all the vocab words I’m stuck with. I now have about 100 through various levels and they are getting out of hand :rofl::rofl:



alternatively you can fail about 5 or 6 kanji intentionally and then work on vocab items that have piled up.


Even when you get the level-up, you are not forced to do new lessons :slight_smile: You can stick with the level 10 stuff until you are happy with your understanding. (I sometimes do that as well.)


I really should of done that with level 10 just waited. But I was like “well what harm could it do” and now I have 160 in apprentice :see_no_evil:


Well you can always grind through thr 160 Apprentice Items to below 100 in the next week or so, as long as you don’t take up any lessons.

Keep doing the Level 10 Vocabulary and Kanji until most of them reach Guru :blush:

I also use this website to cram my Apprentice items to get them down pat


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