How can I change my Dashboard?

Hi! ^-^
So, I’ve read that if I upgrade to premium, I can change the look of my dashboard. Bu I can’t find out how. Could anyone help me please? ^^;

Ooooh, I’ve not heard this? My Dashboard has only ever been changed with Userscripts.


Aren’t you already a paying member? Your level icon is light blue.

People change their dashboard appearance with user scripts. Search the archive for ones you’re interested in.

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Thank You!^^

I recommend this user-script!

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Thanks! ^—^

Hi! Sorry, I don’t understand. I too want to find a way to change my dashboard background to an image of my own. I looked at the “Wanikani Ultimate Timeline” userscript, but that does not seem to have anything to do with that. Do you know how to change the background?

Do you mean for the forum (just on Discourse)? If so, go to your settings.

If you mean on WK itself, you need to grab something like Stylish. And then afterwards look for something/make your own. I don’t have any specifics for you on that though, sorry.

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