Feedback about items displayed in the dashboard

I noticed that the content displayed when mouse hovering the radical & kanji items in the dashboard has been replaced. Previously, short but useful pieces of information (meaning, reading) about each item was displayed on mouse hover. Here is what I get now:

Radical items

Unlocked kanji items

Locked kanji items

In my opinion, the displayed information is not very relevant since we all know what the green bars mean and how SRS is set up (except maybe at the very beginning of the WK journey). It is also very redundant (most items display exactly the same content).

On the contrary, I found quite helpful being able to quickly check the meaning and reading of those items directly from the dashboard. It’s not a big deal but it would be nice if something was done in a future update.


Unless I am wrong this behavior is standard vanilla Wanikani behavior. The display of useful information is performed by the Dashboard Progress Plus script. Did you turn off this script recently by any chance? Or is it that your install of this script is somehow broken? My install is working fine, ie I get the useful information you expect to see.


Wasn’t it like that before?
It’s been so long I don’t remember.

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I just made a test. I turned off Dashboard Progress Plus and the vanilla Wanikani behavior was restored just like @TaupinDuDesert described.

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Oh that’s right! I didn’t realize that I disabled this script recently and I thought it was somehow related to the recent update. I turned the script on again and it is perfectly working :sweat_smile: Thank you! :blush:

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