Houhou alternative

Hello I just started a Japanese class and was planning to follow along with my vocab/kanji in houhou as it is perfect for the way I like to study. The problem I am having is houhou does not show furigana so the vocab becomes way to hard for me at my level since this is a beginner class. I was hopping someone knows of a alternative where you have to type the words in to review instead of the flashcard method.

May I ask, what is houhou?

It is like wanikani but you can look up vocab\kanji in a dictionary and add them to an SRS. Reviews are wanikani style where you have to type in the English or Japanese.

Maybe https://kitsun.io would suit your needs.


There is also Torii, though that has more of a set order. Kamesame will let you add what you want, but IDK if there is a furigana option

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Can you type the answer in or is it just flashcards?

It’s customizable, so you can create cards that require user input. It even has a built in dictionary (linked to jisho) that you can use to generate cards quickly. The default way cards are created from the dictionary require user input to answer.

For example, here’s one of my current reviews. I have to type in the meaning and reading. (It’s a two-part review just like on WaniKani.)


You get a furigana after answering it, not sure if that counts. Also, the alternative spellings on KS usually include a kana version of words often written in kana. Might be enough for many people.

To add to @seanblue’s post, there are furigana when you hover over (or tap, if on mobile) the kanji.

Only if you set it up with furigana. But since it’s customizable you can, yeah.

Right, I should have been more specific. Thanks for clarifying.

I’d also recommend kitsun.io. Just to add that the platform is pay to use, but offers 14 days of free trial :slight_smile:

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You can do all of this in Anki for free with just a little set-up.

I second this. There are free alternatives out there, but Kitsun offers, in my opinion, a much nicer experience that makes me want to come back all the time and also helps me a lot in staying motivated.

Thanks for helping me, Kistun is much better choice for me than houhou every was. Have a great one everybody.