Learning Non-Kanji Vocab?

When I read Japanese articles/books, I often struggle with vocab that either doesn’t have a kanji, or is usually written as hiragana without kanji.

I use both Wanikani and Kaniwani, but is a list/any good way to learn vocab that doesn’t use kanji and thus doesn’t come up on the wanikani list?

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What type of vocab are you referring to? Sometimes they’re just vocab that you’ll just have to know, both in its hiragana form and kanji form.

Off the top of my head, here are some examples of vocab that have kanji forms but are usually written out in kana:

成程 - なるほど
大抵 - たいてい
出来る - できる
本当 - ほんとう
頃 - ごろ

Amongst many, many others. I don’t have any good methods to offer in learning these except that you’ll get used to them with familiarity and start to just “know” what they mean without the kanji.

Another SRS service of some kind will help a lot. I personally use Houhou, which is a desktop application that works a lot like Wanikani. Another good web-based alternative (that I haven’t used myself, though I’m considering doing so in the future) is Kitsun.io. A more specialized one is Floflo, which is tuned specifically toward learning vocab from particular books, rather than just general word lists. All those were developed by people who use Wanikani (and there are threads for each of them here on the forums.)

There are other services that I don’t like quite as much/that are quite dissimilar from Wanikani, other than just having an SRS system. https://iknow.jp/ and https://www.memrise.com/ are two web-based ones. I’ve never used Memrise. I tried iknow.jp, and it was fine but I ultimately didn’t end up sticking with it, since I liked Houhou (and choosing my own vocab to study) better.

The big one people use is https://apps.ankiweb.net/. I personally can’t stand it, but a lot of people swear by it. There are a lot of pre-made decks for various vocab lists, and you can of course make your own. It’s high customizable, but it also takes a bit of work if you want to change it much.

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