Hit the wall hard at 16. Time for a reset

Level 16 just kicked my butt. I thought I was going at a nice pace, but I hit the wall hard. Can’t recall anything, so I stopped doing lessons. Now I can’t even remember most of the reviews.

I was averaging a 15 days per level pace. Guess I need to slow down to 20-25 days per level once I hit level 10 again.


How long did you stop doing reviews for? It sounds like you’re considering resetting down to level 1, but I strongly recommend against that. You could always reset by a few levels if you’re really feeling stuck and overwhelmed with a pile of reviews, but going all the way back to level 1 seems like a huge waste.


wait a bit friend. though it’s totally your decision but as an experienced user I think you might consider just keep doing reviews. You forget most of your reviews it’s fine, you are putting them back to learn them again. It’s the same as reseting and do the lessons again (with an advantage of saving you so much time).

So, I think you just have to keep doing reviews (and relearn most of them by doing reviews until it’s manageable). This option saves you time. If you feel too bad now just reset by 5 levels and see if it makes your review backlogs manageable.


It’s tough. This will be my 3 year anniversary soon. I found that it helped if I woke up and told myself how many I would do each day. Sometimes life gets busy and I used the vacation feature for a day or two, but I have to stay disciplined because it’s way too easy to slack off and keep saying “I’ll get around to it eventually.”

I’m sure you’ll be alright. Just remember: it’s okay not to remember everything every time. Be patient, and be you. At times it can be frustrating, but this is a journey and it’s meant to be fun. Hang in there!


I never stopped. But it got overwhelming waking up to a queue of 80 plus reviews every morning. Now, if it was 30-40 then ok, that would be easier. This burned me out hard.

I just reset and am starting from scratch. At least I can put more time into grammar with bunpro in the meantime.

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I just reset and may i be among those to say, probably don’t reset. If you keep hacking away at the reviews, they’ll get bumped down by you getting the answers wrong, and the system will just sort of… work itself out. I reset because I took like… a year and a half off.


This seems like quite a high amount. Have you been going at maximum speed or letting your apprentice count get too high? I’m currently at level 16 myself but I rarely wake up to more than 40 reviews, usually it’s somewhere in the 20-30 range.

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Thanks you for your kind words. I can’t internalize what I’ve learned at 16 as I got burned out with never ending and constantly increasing number of reviews, so I think that a fresh start will be nice.

Nope. I do maybe a lesson (5 kanji/vocab etc…) a day or every few days.
I tried to slow the SRS by stopping lessons over a week ago, and things did not improve.
My apprentice count kept hovering around 150

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If you stop taking lessons things should die down after a while (although it might take a week or two). I tend to take a look at the number of apprentice items myself since those tend to be the ones that show up overnight (everything past apprenctice 3 is on an interval measured in entire days, so assuming you don’t complete reviews at night those shouldn’t come in at night either). I tend to just stop lessons altogether when I reach a treshold. Since I started doing so a couple of levels ago the workload has become a lot lighter.

If you do end up resetting, I would advice not to rush through the levels, even if they do seem familiar. Otherwise they might come back in large batches a few months down the line when they reach the Master and Englightened stages, which would increase the workload all over again.

I’ve lowered my apprentice threshold to 120 recently (and it’s currently hovering around 100), which seems to translate into about 150-180 reviews per day.


I’ll be sure to take that into account. Thanks.

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I’ve reset a few times in the beginning, and I always ended up regretting it because it takes forever to get back up. This last time I came back to Wanikani after a long break, I told myself it was okay to get a whole lot of wrong answers, because I would end up learning them all again in the end. I had 650 reviews piled up, and I only got 40-50% in the beginning. Within a couple days, I was up to 70%, and now, a few weeks later, I’m at 90-100% (with no scripts other than stroke order). So, if you’re okay with allowing yourself to struggle a bit, it’s a lot better just to move forward.


You can check wkstats and see how many apprentice items you have on each level, and decide accordingly. It might be that most of the apprentice come from 10+ level, so there is no need to start from scratch.


My progress is kinda affecting my motivation. I feel if i reset i would wasted my time. So i push through whatever obstacle come to me (level 9 took me a month).
If you are like me then i would suggest against resetting. If not go ahead and reset.


If you do lessons in the morning only, and hit those review timings for the first two stages right, then the bulk of your reviews will fall in the evenings. That way you can do them before bed, and wake up with very little to do in the morning (only your mistakes, lol).

Sometimes, when I know the reviews aren’t important to hit on time, like yesterday morning I had a bunch of guru and master reviews when I woke up, I will only do the lessons, and do the reviews later when I need to do the reviews for the lessons from the morning.

In summary, do your lessons in the morning, so you can get your reviews out of the way before bedtime.


Don’t reset.

Just grind it out. Don’t do lessons, clear the reviews, go slowly.

The SRS will take care of it.

Don’t. Reset. Especially not to level 1.


Thank you, but I have reset. This will set me back about 2.5 months, but that does not bother me. Feels like I finally got this huge burden off my back. Now I can start up with no stress again.


Not an option for me. SRS is most effective when you follow the schedule (so to speak).

It’s most important that you feel good about your choice.

Then good luck, I’m sure the early levels will fly by as you remember a lot.


Thank you everyone for your help. I appreciate the wonderful comments. I have reset to one. I know I just set myself back about 2.5 months, but time is a luxury that I have, At least I am better prepared to properly pace myself this time around.

Thanks again!