Hit the wall hard at 16. Time for a reset

What do you mean? You couldn’t put off a master review even for a couple hours?

In any case, the lessons arent on a schedule yet, so it’s up to you to put them on a schedule you can deal with. If for example this morning I had slept in past noon (day off work), I wouldn’t have done my lessons, since I don’t want to have to review after midnight. Now I was able to do them before 10am, which means I can review them at 1pm, and 9pm, and go to bed on time. I hardly ever have items come in between 11pm and 5am, and even then they’re usually one or two items.


I work full time. This isn’t a few hours, it’s been like it for over a month. I had enough. Problem is solved at the end of the day, so I’m happy.

But that’s what @Saida was suggesting, so I really don’t get what you mean.

Again, I feel like you are misunderstanding and answering a different question here. They are asking if you must review everything the moment it comes available, as that what you seemed to suggest. It kind of didn’t make sense in the context, though…

I’m just hoping to make sure you don’t have some misconceptions of the SRS system, so that the same thing just doesn’t happen again.

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Nah. I don’t usually do the reviews when they come up. During the work week, I do reviews at least 4-5 times a day. During the weekends pretty much when they come up.

Do you use mostly the mnemonics provided by wanikani? or are you trying to make your own?

Personally I’m also using my native tongue to create some decent mnemonics that I otherwise couldn’t. When I can, I use the previously learned items pronunciation in my mnemonics.
I try to reference as many pop-culture/video game things that I know well. This results in sometimes looking 5-10 minutes at a lesson, often times with a dictionary beside me, but once I find that mnemonic I feel like I’m golden. I rarely try to brute-force a lesson.

Now, I haven’t reached the point you have, so I don’t know what awaits me. But maybe my perspective is of some use to you or someone else.

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I completely agree with not only using WaniKani’s mnemonics. I typically use them where I don’t have better ones I made myself. They can be added as notes to help.

I also see that you, nomius, might use Rust?

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Haha, you have a keen eye. Indeed, I try to use more and more of it in my free time. At work we don’t use it unfortunately :upside_down_face:

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I’ve never tried a low-level language (only really worked with Python and JavaScript), but was considering giving Rust a go.

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when i don’t hit the 4h review at about 4h i fail a lot.

you could also install a script that breaks down your app items by level and review app 1 and maybe app 2 items before doing reviews: ideally not just before but rather soon after lessons

my dashboard lists them at the bottom like so

you get info on hover so i basically review mentally and check if i can’t remember

it’s this script here: image

really helps me keep my app pile in control which in turns has helped me pace myself because like you i literally stopped retaining stuff around 2 - 3 levels ago.

a clean slate is good but progress is also a great motivator

good luck this time around!


It’s not a big deal that you reset, but I strongly advise you consider some of the commenter’s suggestions for your second time through. I reset my account after returning from a several year hiatus, but was probably over level 30 when WK was in paid beta. You’re going to hit the wall again, everyone does sooner or later, and it will happen several times. The general advice is:

  1. Don’t let your apprentice items exceed 100 items. People can handle more than this, but oftentimes not for very long.

  2. Definitely time the lessons so your first review happens when you’re still awake. Morning is good, but if you can do them at 5 / 6 pm, you’ll still have time for the first review before you go to sleep. If you’re learning a lot of unfamiliar items, this will help you retain things better “first try”.

  3. As you reach the higher levels you’re going to have a large review count, unless you move at a snail’s pace. Please don’t let this be the thing that discourages you. It’s not a big deal if you remember the items well.

Going slower is fine, but I don’t think this will be practical. Like… are you going to go even slower at level 20? 30? 40? Your learning rate is going to become something akin to one of Zeno’s paradoxes (Achilles and the tortoise) if that’s your primary strategy :joy:


Yeah, I didn’t go nearly full speed, and honestly 80 reviews in the morning sounds like an easy day :sweat_smile:. That should take about 20 min?


I have to ask, is there some sort of definitive way to go about this? This morning when I did lessons my apprentice count jumped to 110. After doing reviews it decreased to 101. So i’m assuming the rule of thumb Is just don’t overdo lessons and do reviews when they’re available.

Thanks for any insight!


Honestly man, If you’re happy with your choice to reset to 1 then that’s great!
The upside is learning from your past mistakes and applying what you learned to your reset.

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Pretty much this. If you have 80 apprentice items and 80 lessons, it’s probably best to learn 20 or so new items and then wait until your current leftover apprentice items graduate to guru in the next review cycle or two.

It’s less of a law and more of a soft guideline that people figured out years ago. Sometimes I’ll YOLO it if a lot of the lessons are items are ones I already know, but that means I’ll have a larger review queue to deal with and I have to be prepared to suffer through it.

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Haha okay thank you so much!
I’m not trying to do a 7 day level up schedule or anything either so I’m glad I can make my lessons flexible rather than having to stick to a certain amount everyday.
Well, Thanks again!



I reset around level higher 20s when I got busy getting my life in order i had not done any WKing for more than 4-5 months.
And I reset myself to level 1. Not regretting it. I built stronger connections to lower kanjis now and the reset helped me learning the intransitive and transitive verbs more easily (or more like: i kinda get it now)

I also started doing kamesame at roughly the same time, it helps a bit


Thanks for this. I will definitely keep this in mind.

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If you haven’t already reset… my recommendation is just stop doing new lessons.

You likely know a lot of the material well and resetting too far down will potentially be self defeating and demotivating.

As others have said, if you want to reset, do it at maybe 1 level at a time. No reason to go all the way back to the start if you have levels 1-10 down solid.

Whatever you decide, don’t give up and always come back for advice when you need it. :wink:

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