High Levelers: What is the lowest level kanji/vocab that you can't seem to remember?

What’s the lowest level kanji or vocab word that you still can’t seem to remember despite your high level?
For me it’s the number of days/counters. :frowning:

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+1 Yep. Same

EDIT: Eyy, I joined three days before you! The level difference exposes my laziness… o(ーωー)o


My lowest level guru item is 活気 (level 6). I typed “lively” for the answer in the burn review. It’s not like it has happened many times or anything though.

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Even at my low level everything related to 活 is a curse and I have a feeling that won’t get any better as I level up.

I dunno if I’m considered “high,” but some of my biggest problems are the 50 million words that mean rules and/or law… 法則、法律、法規、規律、規則。。。etc… I also remember randomly missing weird stuff like 用いる that I
never もちいる’d outside of WK :wink:


Wouldn’t call myself a high-leveler but…

Those two cause me headaches too >.< specially 活気 sometimes I get the reading wrong, some others the meaning… it doesn’t go away ;-;

Edit: Also 用事… can’t seem to make the freaking meaning stick, and I refuse to use synonyms

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The lowest-level unburned item I have is the “enclosure” radical, 勹. It’s still Enlightened.

Then there’s the kanji 文 (“writing”) from level two. I think I keep associating it with the meaning “part” because it has the reading 「ぶん」and bears a very slight resemblance to 分. It’s still at Enlightened.

And then at level six, 考 (“think”) is still guru, probably because I keep confusing it with 教 and 孝. But generally in compounds and as 考える, etc I have no problem with it, so wtf.

Can’t say I ran into these issues yet although it’s interesting to see. What I am wondering though is at which level did you have WK throw you something from a million levels ago and you just went “wait… shit…”

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I’ve answered 伺 63 times –_–
I’m fine when it’s part of vocab words, but I always mess up the solo kanji ;_;
I had to resurrect 何 & 司 so I could drill them alongside it again - though I always recognise those.
I’m just hopeless at 伺 for some reason. Super leech.

I flip the readings for 凸凹 & 凹凸 a bit too.
I feel like reviewing them now just helped… so thanks!

[edit: nope, I got them flipped hahaha]

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Speaking of… I just recently missed burning this… because I put in なん instead of なに… due to all those jukugo that use it that way. I forgot such a basic word that I knew for years and years before WaniKani! (Not the kanji, but the word.) I was kicking myself! XD

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For the meaning, I just memorised as having the same meaning as 気. For the reading, I memorised it as being written in the same way as Stamp 切手: the double t happens :o

Imagine it as a quill pen above a table. It’s there for you to do some writing.

For reading, it is mostly Rendaku and -yuu/-you. Kanji meaning is a big department I have problem with. Readings are less likely to be messed up.

Please see the Leech Squashing thread.

Funny, that’s one of mine too.

My lowest level kanji I have problems with is apparently 欠. There’s also 相 because I always got the pronunciation confused with something that looked similar.

And vocab… wow. It’s 日 and 大いに. Level 2.

I have a problem with these as well. How they work:

If it starts with 法 it has to do with law
If it starts with 規 it has to do with rule


I’m in the counter club. My lowest one is…wait for it. 九つ at level one. I literally can’t even. I have some higher level guru’s that I got wrong just because of spelling mistakes or blasting through them to fast, but this one rightly just doesn’t stick in my brain, regardless of how many times I hear/write it. .___.;

Oh well. It’s guru for a reason lol.

A month or so ago I randomly brain farted and forgot what 首 meant… I promptly punished myself by unburning it!

Looking at my kanji list, it seems I tend to think 牛 is 午 when shown out of context.


How can you not remember the time your dad made you eat 9 whole bowls of COCONUT SOUP?!? :wink:


For me the lowest level vocabulary I haven’t burned is 休止.

When I was in college we were taught it meant “cancel” so I type that in almost every time, but wanikani uses pause, rest, break.

I’m only level 5, and 大いに is already kicking my butt. :disappointed_relieved: I think it’s the only one from that subset of 大 vocab I haven’t Mastered too. I always remember the reading, but can never remember what it means. My brain always goes okay, you know this is a tricky one… It’s not Considerable, cause that one ends in た. It’s not just big, cause it doesn’t end in い. So what’s another uncommon 大 vocab? Ooh yeah Size!! It’s gotta be Size!! Spoiler… It’s not Size; it’s mother flippin’ Very. Every. Freaking. Time. :angry: I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten it wrong so many times that I now have a false memory that makes me keep thinking it’s Size which perpetuates the Leech indefinitely.:upside_down_face: