Is Wanikani enough for JLPT N3?

hey - i’m returning to wanikani (reset to lvl 4) after using it for a while and barely progressing
i’m willing to try again now, just wondering–is wanikani enough for JLPT n3 in terms of vocab/kanji? do i need to supplement with anki? (i just took the N4 - idk if i passed or not but i did best on vocab)
will i be able to reach enough N3 vocab by december?
lmk what u think, thanks!

WaniKani is not a resource that can stand alone for JLPT. It will likely make the kanji reading section quite easy, but that’s only like 6 questions. Vocab, grammar, reading, and listening all require a much broader understanding of Japanese than just how the words are read and one English gloss.

You’re talking about next year? I don’t know what pace you’re aiming for, but it’s possible to complete WK in its entirety in that span. It still would not help on any of the other sections that much though.


sorry, my question wasn’t really about grammar or reading. should have phrased it better… but do you think the vocab on wanikani applies to N3?

WK does not really help with the kinds of questions that are asked for vocab. At low levels of the JLPT, when the vocab questions are just about basic nouns and things like that, perhaps it’s sufficient. But once you start to advance, the questions are more about how more nuanced words are used, not their superficial meaning. WK doesn’t really help with that.


thanks, what resources would you recommend for that kind of question? is immersion just the best option ?

Sure, consuming Japanese content that is interesting to you and then looking up the things you need help with is organic and self-motivating, so it works for many people. If you want something more targeted, there are vocab-specific resources like this:


I passed N3 a few years ago from just doing WK and Tobira, plus reading some manga. I use Anki for grammar only. Imo WK is definitely sufficient.

You didn’t do just WK, though. :thinking:

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I didn’t do anything specifically for vocab/kanji other than Wanikani though, which is what OP was asking. I definitely encountered relevant new words from Tobira (my grammar resource), but imo the only reason I could use this textbook smoothly was because I had been doing WK for a long time. I was around level 30 at that time too (I reset from 53 recently).

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