Help with the word パツキン

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I was just wondering if パツキン / 金パ have a bad connotation in general ? Does it feel like “the blond dumb and vulgar bimbo girl”? Or is it just slang ?

Thanks for reading and even more for answering if you know anything ! (°3°) ~ <3

I just did a search on the term and found this in the Japanese Colloquial dictionary:

【年代】 - 【種類】 -


According to this dictionary, the term refers to anyone with blonde hair, be it naturally blonde or dyed. But also in regard to the gender of the recipient, there’s a different connotation for men and women as well. For women it’s “beauty”, and for men it’s…not so good (野郎). However this term is most often used on women.

I searched other sites for any additional meanings, but ultimately got a similar answer. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there were uses with negative connotations when used toward women.

へえ〜 倒語の事知らなかったわ。見つけてくれてありがとう。


Thank you very much !! This will definitely help me. I didn’t know about that dictionary, it might be useful in the future !

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