Help with readings for 何千


I have been trying to pay attention to the meaning and reading explanations for when and how to recognize which readings to use and when certain words are just exceptions.

Today I got a lesson for the vocab word 何千 and under the reading explanation it states that this is a jukugo word which usually uses On’yomi readings for the kanji. This sort of implies that both readings are On’yomi, but the reading given is なんぜん.

The kanji for 何 has the reading なん listed as a Kunyomi reading.

So I guess my question is if I am understanding this correctly?

I’ve notice some vocab words don’t even have readings listed under the kanji, some are just exceptions like “下手”.

Thanks for any help provided!


The reading explanation has typo, that’s all. It happens. I recommend to email so they can improve the website.

Since なに and なん are the most common readings for 何, nobody noticed it before you :slight_smile:


To be honest, I didn’t even know the Onyomi reading for this! - as everything I’ve encountered thus far has used either “nani / nan” (don’t have IME on this computer) as a reading.

I checked all WaniKani usage of this kanji to see if any vocab in any future levels use the “ka” Onyomi reading…and nope! It’s just “nan / nani”.

As @sansarret mentioned…it was a typo. Don’t sweat this one too much. The “ka” reading seems pretty isolated in its usage.

Thank you very much for your help!

No words in Jisho use that reading either… that I can see.

幾何学 (きかがく, geometry) is on WaniKani… And about a billion geometry related words on Jisho use it.

Other words that use the か onyomi for 何 that I found on Jisho

誰何 - すいか - challenging a person’s identity
無何有の郷 - むかうのさと - utopia


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Yeah, as it’s been said, it was probably a typo, but in general for question-related things - (なに) if its on it’s own and (なん) if it’s next to anything. That’s what i’ve found at least.


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