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Is there a third part website like “Wanikani Stats” that allows users to check when and what time exactly the new kanjis will be turned from apprentice to guru? I personally want to cut down on my level up time from 9/10 days per level to 7 but I just don’t know when to get on and do the levels…
I really appreciate it!

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This script might help:

This is how it looks for me. I can see that I’ll get one or more critical reviews (radicals and kanji required for a level up) 7am wednesday:

While you haven’t told us anything about your reviewing routine, since you aren’t doing 6-7days per level, I can only assume you’re missing a couple of things that will speed things up.

The first thing is to get radicals to apprentice 3 within a day of level up. You don’t have to rush doing the kanji or vocab, but don’t stick around waiting, since you’ll soon be unlocking the second batch of kanji (+ more vocab). When you do, again, make sure you get those last kanji to apprentice 3 within 1 day.

This should basically guarantee you to level up in 7 days, if you just keep on top of your reviews. It’s really not very important to know the exact hours here, since the last 2 reviews are 23 and then 1 day and 23 hours until guru.

As for getting items up to apprentice 3 within a day, that requires you to just make sure you review the items within their set intervals of 4 hours + 8 hours. So, if you get started in the morning, this shouldn’t be a problem. Best case, you can do the second session of reviews at lunch, and then the last review session in the evening.


That’s perfect, thank you so freaking much!

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