Passed a review by inputting the reading twice

I had a single review waiting. When I opened it I was prompted to input the reading which I did. Then I was prompted to input the reading one more time and I thought it must not have taken the first time, but when I entered the reading again and hit enter it was accepted once more and I was automatically sent to the dashboard where it showed no remaining reviews…

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@Mods is this a known bug?

No. @Beyond_Sleepy, do you remember what item this was for? Also, do you have any scripts enabled?

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I have thought this happened to me recently a few times. I thought it was just me at first, and then the “how did I get that wrong?” Now I am on the lookout for it to happen again. If I catch it, I will report it.

I don’t really remember but it might have been 国境? I think it was one of the 境s. I do have scripts enabled, including one of Kumirei’s which reorders reviews so that the reading and meaning reviews for the same item comes directly one after the other (in no particular order). But I’ve been using that script for years and this is the first time this has happened.

Hey Beyond_Sleepy! Try disabling that script (and maybe all of your scripts) to see if the issue still occurs. If it does, reach out to us at with your browser and OS information (including version) and we can help you troubleshoot from there.

-Nick at WK

The problem with that approach is that I’ve been doing reviews with the script enabled before and after experiencing the issue and it only ever occurred the one time, so for how long would I have to do reviews without the script (and maybe all of my scripts) to determine whether a script was the cause?

I’ll do that if it becomes a recurring problem:)


Hey Beyond_Sleepy! If the script is the issue, then turning it off will most likely resolve it immediately. You can also try clearing cache too to see if the issue has to do with a lingering cookie. :cookie:

-Nick at WK

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