Help needed with Anki

Update on this in case anyone is interested or stumbles across it in the future…

I have given up on Anki as life is too short to get as frustrated as I was getting with any form of technology.

All is not lost though as I have discovered Torii SRS, which I know some of you have recommended to me previously. I originally dismissed it as there are a lot of SRS platforms available and they always seem to fall short of what I needed. However I was foolish to dismiss Torii because it is exactly what I was looking for.

I don’t like relying on me having my laptop with me to study, so, discovering that Torii only has a mobile Android app (i have an iPhone), I went and bought an android tablet.

Yes, an app so good it actually made me buy new hardware so I could use it.

@Rakantor you’re a genius and once I’ve paid off this tablet, I’ll pay the subs on Torii too. Thanks.