Help! Issue with reading

Hi guys, I’m sure I’m about to come across as exceedingly dumb, but I’m I’m not sure what to do! It keeps saying that 'm wrong, yet I can see my answer matching the correct one perfectly. Anyone noticing something my tired brain isn’t? Thank you so much!

It’s looking for じょう and you’ve answered with じよう. Check the FAQ and Guide.


I’m sure there is an easier way to make a screenshot :wink:

At least it’s amusing in a novel way, compared to most of these identical topics :slight_smile:


haha I try not to take myself too seriously or I’d never make it :sweat_smile:


yeah I felt really dumb when I discovered this. I wasn’t noticing that they were using the smaller characters, but shame on me for not paying attention to my hiragana lessons. I really appreciate the advice, thanks!


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