Right answer marked as wrong?

Hello, I am pretty new to learning Japanese and new to the site as well but I have been enjoying it a lot thus far.

With that said I have had a few times where I can’t for the life of me figure out why the program is saying I am wrong. It will literally tell me something is spelled a certain way then tell me I am wrong when I type it in that exact way.

Here is an example. : Imgur: The magic of the Internet

If I am just being stupid and missing something that s completely fine, I just would like to be able to continue to study.

Also I tried a bunch of different ways of putting in the answer and they say they want the onyomi reading of it.


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You needed to use the small ‘yo’ instead of the big one.

Like じょ (jyo) instead of じよ (jiyo). Instead of typing ‘jiyo’, type ‘jo’. Make sure you study how to use small tsu and the other ‘small’ kanas!

Typing “jiyo” gives you じよ.
Typing “jyo” gives you じょ. (Note the little よ).

The reading you want for 女 is the second one, じょ. It’s pronounced like the English name “Joe” instead of “gee yo.”

Okay guys, thank you so much for the help!

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