Help Finding Immersion Materials for my Commute!

Hello! 今晩は!

As of right now my weakest areas are listening, speaking and grammar, so I’m trying to fit more listening practice into my day (and doing some Tae Kim on the weekends when I have time). Because Covid just ended, I’m commuting to work and school again, so there are several days of the week where I have 20~30 minutes of travel time with nothing to do (except drive). Right now I’m listening to SBS Japanese and some random youtube videos, but it’s kind of dangerous switching episodes and I’d like to just download a huge chunk of episodes and put them on autoplay.

Help me WK! Any good podcasts for immersion on the road? What do you listen to on your commute?


I recommend Japanese with Noriko! She also has transcripts of every episode so you can check your understanding against them.


You’ll find several podcasts mentioned over in the Listening Practice thread, so I suggest you check it out and just go for something that strikes your fancy! ^^


You can listen to many Japanese radio son this site :

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Nihongo con Teppei uses very simple japanese, speaks slowly, and often repeats. Very accessible, still enjoyable.
(click on reverse to see episode 1)

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If immersion is what you are looking for, I highly recommend

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