Hello, other grammar websites?

Was wondering what other websites people use to practice grammar? Particularly, particles and sentence structure.


Welcome! Hang around and stay a while! :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, the forums are no longer connected to the checklist, so it won’t get checked off. Fortunately, it’ll go away on its own when you hit level 2.

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Oh no!!! That’s sad. That is okay though I actually thought of a question in the end.


Welcome, welcome!

For particles, I prefer to just google up a massive table of Japanese particles and cry.

But actually, I recommend Bunpro for grammar in general. It’s kind of a similar setup to WaniKani, just for grammar instead of kanji.


Tofugu had a thing on particles, if I remember correctly :thinking: let me look that up. Oh look here it is:

Might seem a bit pricey, I got mine when they were doing a sale at some point. It’s very detailed though and written in easy to understand language. Other resources are available online for free, like http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/ or https://imabi.net/ , I recommend these if you want to quickly look up a grammar point, it always helped me in the past.


For grammar, nothing’s better than Misa from Japanese ammo :heart_eyes:

Once you’re done with her videos, you can go for free resources already recommended here \o/


+1 for Misa. I love her channel.



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Japanese pod101 has a dedicated section for particles if you wanna look at podcasts as well.
(Using different mediums to learn the same thing makes it stick they say)

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-1 for Misa. If you want to get constantly distracted by how cute she is and learn maybe 25%, sure go for it :laughing:

I’d recommend the Japanese From Zero video series which has a funny middle aged guy and you’ll probably understand over 90% :wink:


George-sensei is also great. His textbook series Japanese from Zero (of which the first book is available for free online and the channel also covers a lot of the textbook content for free). His Japanese in Five videos are jam packed with information, definitely recommend.


I also try to stay away from Japanesepod101, especially the videos featuring Risa. They do have great videos for listening practice for various levels.

Truth is, if you’re a straight guy and you’re trying to learn something, having a beautiful woman explain it to you is probably not a good idea :laughing:


You people might be right hah, but Misa does explain certain things in a way I’ve never seen in any other place, so she really helped me out. I can’t recommend her videos enough (if you have lots of time to spend, that’s my only problem with videos). But in general, I would go first for some book like “Japanese the Manga Way” (which was extremely good). And a site like BunPro, though I use it mostly as a reference.

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Any particular reason why? Though I’m not a heavy user, I did find it very organized and well structured. And the recordings are well done. Also you get lots of only Japanese lessons in the Advanced section, which is always nice.

Apparently she is too cute, which might be distracting :smiley:

But all that aside, she’s great and does a pretty good job explaining stuff.

On that topic, the N2 learning material from Nihongo no mori, with Takepan-sensei are also great. Links:


Because she’s gorgeous. That’s why I was saying it’s difficult to keep focused and learn if you’re having a beautiful woman explain it to you. But I was not dissing them in the wrong way. The quality of their videos is good, and especially the listening practice is cutie-free featuring only animations.

Misa on the other hand, unfortunately, only uploads beginner stuff, so you’re limited in content. I did find a bit irritating the constant cuts on the videos, though. In trying to be perfect she made the videos somewhat difficult to watch. Other than that, the quality is there as well.

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The best resource I have found are Japanese study books called 日本語総まとめ or Nihongo so-matome available through ASK publishing. They have all the required grammar for JLPT study and eclipse any website I have found.

There is a website called Rocket Japanese which is good for a lot of grammar and speaking but it on its own is not going to get you proficient in the language.

I personally use the above books and website and I have created my own flashcards with vocabulary and grammar that uses the discontinued program BYKI. I have thousands of audio native Japanese speakers flashcards of both vocab and sentences.

+1 for both Misa and George from JFZ. As for Misa, having things explained to you by a beautiful woman can go both ways - on one hand you might be too distracted, but on the other - it’s also possible to remember some things better by associating them with her :wink: At least for me, her cuteness isn’t an obstacle. And I really like her explanations.

JFZ was my first serious attempt at Japanese, and videos, combined with rest of the course were quite solid. They’re quite entertaining too.

+1 for george but not a fan of Misa. Her constant jumpcuts annoy me and she says a lot of words to say very little. Her content isn’t too bad but I just wish it was more concise.

I will recommend a rather new channel, only been going a few months and has been putting out a lot of content, below my level but I’ve still been putting it on while getting ready in the morning.


No offence intended, but as a woman I do not understand how this Misa (Lisa, Risa) person’s “cuteness” can distract someone from learning. I for one do not see someone cute and immediately block out the words they are saying, because that’s kind of just disrespectful to them as a human.

I will look into the suggestions, and thank you for taking my question seriously and helping me out! However, I would appreciate it if people didn’t get all creepy on here and talk about how “Kawaii” a teacher is. It a bit inappropriate for a learning environment…