Hello, I'm Daniel, artist from Canada, in Tokyo

My name is Daniel. I’m Canadian. I’ve lived in Japan a few years now and been studying every day. I live in Tokyo and also Atami. I have 2 cute kitties (ムンとはるちゃん). I’m wondering if there is any study group/language exchange in Tokyo. 頑張りましょう。。。
I am an artist: Daniel (@_danieljoel) • Instagram photos and videos
I also have a cat house business (started as a charity for making houses for stray cats near Atami, there are so many!): https://shop.kiti.ca/
I’m on level 20!
Just saying hello! こんにちは!
Thank you for the support.


I haven’t seen wk study groups but there are many language exchange groups in Tokyo otherwise. For example check on meetup.com


Hey, welcome to the forums! I also live in Tokyo, in Toshima-ku.

There are plenty of language exchange things on meetup, as mentioned above. I went to a board game night that was around half gaijin half Japanese, that was around 6 months ago but it was really fun. Should totally get back into it.
You can also find people on an app called Tandem, I met up with a dude from there just last night. Got some yakitori, practiced both English and Japanese. It was good!

I wonder if there’s potential for a WaniKani users meetup in Tokyo haha. Not sure if arranging irl things is against forum policy or something.

Anyway, thank you for your work with stray cats, sounds awesome! If I really settle down here I’ll totally be getting a cat.


Hello from a fellow Canadian living in Tokyo. There are lots of language exchange opportunities around Tokyo, ranging from formal to very informal. Just do some searching online and you will find them. There are dozens of such groups on MeetUp alone.

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