New and Ready

Hey pretty new here trying to find a way to get more involved any suggestions?


Before @Kumirei arrives with your official welcome email, let me take a second to say hello! My suggestion is to just explore the forums. Click on any topic that sounds interesting or weird and read away!

If you’re talking about Japanese study involvement, there’s threads for that too! In the Japanese section. Otherwise, welcome and happy learning. The road is long but rewarding!


I am actually traveling today, so it might have to wait until tomorrow


Not sure if you mean getting involved with WK, Japanese studies as a whole, or with the Community, but I second @raephe. Lots of resources all over the place if you make sure to look around. ^^

If you run into any questions about WK, check out the FAQ, since most things are covered there. If that still doesn’t clear things up, you know where to find us!

Welcome and good luck with your studies!


Welcome :smile:

Save yourself! It isn’t too late! :eyes:


@pragmata is trying to warn the new people again! Quick!




Welcome @Edjames95!

Make sure to read the FAQ and the Guide, there is a lot of good info in these for new users. If you’re looking for further resources check out the community compiled list of resources. For extra features and fixes for those small things which keep bugging you consult The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps.

I hope you’ll have a good time here with us and am looking forward to seeing you around!

Ask lot’s of questions! There are more than a few people here waiting around to hand out sage advice.

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