Is there a key to play pronunciation audio on reviews?

When I’m doing reviews I like to hear the word that I’m doing since I believe that it makes it easier to memorize and to recognize it when heard in some random place.

I usually just click on it with the mouse, which is a little annoying when you have a lot of reviews since you keep on having to remove your hand from the keyboard. So, I feel like a shortcut key is an obvious solution for that. Do we have one? If so, which is it?

Thank you for reading.

Don’t know about a key, but you can set the audio to autoplay in your settings.

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Hmmm… I guess that is good enough. Thank you for the help.
I will wait for a bit more to see if there’s a key, but if there isn’t, or I don’t get any other reply, I will mark your reply as ‘solving the problem’.

I think it’s ‘J’.


I just tried it and yes it is! Thank you so much!

I will be using the autoplay option and this and I feel like it will be really helpful!

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Also worth noting: there’s a little keyboard icon on the bottom-right of the reviews screen. Click it to see a list of shortcuts.


I know, but for some reason is not working for me. Maybe because of a script that I installed?
… Though, I only realized that after making the post here and knowing how to do it.

Here is a screenshot of the hotkeys available. Note that the top section only works for Lessons. The bottom section works for the lesson review.


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Thank you. That’s really nice of you.
Going to save it, just in case.

Is there supposed to be a button to play audio during reviews? I don’t see it, although pressing the J shortcut does work after an attempted reading review.

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Oh of course, thanks! :joy:

For some reason I was expecting it to be next to the vocab like the non-review page.


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If you could play it during the review, then you would be able to cheat and hear the word before typing it in. That is why you can only do it after.

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Yeah I’m not looking to listen to it during the review, only afterwards. That’s why I expected it to be next to the vocab, as you can only open the info window after attempting a review.

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