Has anyone actually reached level 60?

When I was doing 8 days a level I did all of my lessons at once & just tried to keep my Apprentice under 200, but even then I had about 500 reviews a day which ended up being way too much for me.

When I was going at max speed, my weeks looked like this

  1. do the radical lessons as soon as available
  2. do the initial kanji some time over the next few days
  3. do the second wave kanji lessons when the radicals reach guru
  4. do the vocab over the last few days of the level
  5. level up

Of course, all the time critical reviews were done within an hour of becoming available. This often meant setting alarms for the middle of the night. But only a small number of lessons are ever time critical, so spreading everything out means that when you do get up to do those late night reviews, it’s only for about 5 minutes.

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Where can I find this graph?

I was doing 8 days / level for lvls 10 -16, plus participating in the よつばと reading group (previous Japanese @ uni followed by living in Japan for 4 yrs half a lifetime ago).

I found it was important with WK’s SRS to be consistant : both with the number of lessons I take on each day, as well as with the timing of lessons and reviews, doing lessons at X o’clock / 1st reviews @ X+ 4 hours / 2nd reviews @ X + 12 hours (this timing will also mean you should have reviews available the next day when you do your lessons).

Your accuracy is also going to affect your review load, so being in a physical and mental space where you can focus is key.

All this said, I’ve been on vacation mode for over a month now due to injury plus ongoing illness and am rethinking my pace - I was doing 21 lessons a day, but will probably shift to somewhere between 12 - 15.

I’d say you’re right to be proud of your progress and would encourage you to modify your lesson batch size rather than setting WK aside completely, but only you can know where your priorities need to be at the moment. :relaxed:

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I started on the 4th of July, and am on track to finish right around the same time. I have a part time job and take a few classes, but I do reviews as often as I can. I usually have 150-200 Apprentice items, so ~250 reviews a day. WK progress “feels” slow to me, so I make sure to keep it moving as fast as I can. It’s been very fun and rewarding so far :slight_smile:

@enchantedgreed: https://www.wkstats.com


Yes. And some people even reset their lv at 60 to reach 60 again haha


I get overwhelmed when I have half of that in a day. Though that’s probably partly because most of those reviews show up from 5-10pm. It would be much more manageable if I could spread the reviews throughout the day.

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The final ~15 levels can be finished without guru’ing radicals, so you can do them in 3.5 days. You will then notice that 7 days per level is a good place, even if you go fast :slight_smile:

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Best advice I’ve ever seen on this site is, if it’s new material for you (i.e. you’re not an advanced learner with a massive vocabulary and kanji bank already), to keep your apprentice queue as close to 100 items as possible at all times.

Also, if you wind up missing some days and rack up reviews, get those back down to 0 before tackling any new lessons.

It’s not the fastest method, but it’s steady and makes for reasonable drilling without cramming.

(If you have the chance, it also helps to break out the new vocabulary, when appropriate, in conversation. Goes for both WK and study in general. No amount of drilling will ever reinforce a word the way actually having your mouth form the word, in context, will. Of course, especially with WK’s lower levels, you should check to make sure the word is contextually appropriate first … Doing some Japanese web searches for examples can help clear that up.)


There is no Level 60. It is an illusion.

Well, I’m assuming you don’t have nearly as many Apprentice items. Lots of my 250 reviews are much fresher than 250 reviews would be for you.

Considering I had a couple small breaks, I’d say all in all it took me 2 and a half years.

it is hard for me to admit, but i think, i am going to be slowest reached 60 level user of all time in wanikani history.

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here you go


Reaching level 60 is certainly possible, but it will take time. How quickly you finish will depend on your personal goals and study habits. The more consistent you are and the more effort you put into solidly memorizing the kanji, the faster you will be. But it’s important to keep in mind that it is not a race. And even reaching the halfway point will give you a TON of useful kanji and vocabulary to work with when reading
and practicing your Japanese.

If you want to know some more exact figures … brace yourself. Math incoming.

WaniKani uses spaced repetition to time its lessons. Items come up for review at 4 hours, 8 hours, 1 day, 2 days (guru), 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 4 months. So when you reach a new level, assuming you don’t miss any reviews, you could get all your radicals to guru in roughly 3 1/2 days. Then if you do the same thing with the kanji, you would unlock the next level in a little under one week. I don’t recommend you try to do this, unless you are crazy for the kanji. It is a very rigorous pace and will be tough to maintain, especially with all the vocabulary that also will need to be learned and reviewed at the same time. However, this pace does work for some people. It’s just pretty darn 苦しい.

Now let’s look at the bigger picture. If you push hard and level up each week, then you will go up four levels each month. There are sixty levels in total. So it would take approximately 15 months (a little longer than one year) to reach level 60, if you didn’t take any breaks or slow down. This is the fastest you could possibly do it.

What if you decide that going up one level every week is just too much? You don’t have the time every day to finish your reviews. It is getting overwhelming. You can’t keep up with the vocabulary. What if you aim for one level every two weeks instead? That means you would be finishing 2 levels each month. So it will take 30 months to reach level 60. That’s two and a half years. Might feel like a long time, but language learning is a long term goal. And you will be learning a LOT of kanji. This is my preferred pace - fast enough to feel like I’m progressing, but slow enough to not be overwhelming. I can spend one week focusing on the radicals and vocabulary. Then the second week is spent focused on the kanji and even more vocabulary. Rinse, repeat. Even if I fail several times on a new kanji, it usually will not delay me enough to compromise my weekly goal.

But what if two weeks per level is also too much? You could take a more relaxed approach and aim for finishing just one level every month. With 60 levels, it will take 60 months to finish at this rate. So it will be five years before you are done with WaniKani. Probably a good idea to buy the lifetime membership. At this rate, you will not be rushed and as long as you do some reviews or lessons each day, you will keep progressing forward and maintain your goal. This might be the right pace if you have limited free time and don’t want to worry about too many reviews piling up between review sessions. You can spread out your lessons across the month and aim for finishing a certain number each week to keep yourself on target.

The pace that works for you will depend on your personal circumstances and might change over time. I recommend aiming for a personal goal that is achievable and gives you time to also study Japanese in other ways. Kanji is a very important part of reading Japanese, but you should budget time for grammar and practice reading, especially as you progress up the levels. The knowledge you learn from WaniKani is valuable but you won’t see its true worth until you start USING the kanji instead of just remembering them.

Good luck and 頑張って!


I’m impressed that you have kept with it and came back after extended breaks. Like riding a horse, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall off, as long as you have the courage to get back on.

Imagine how many people have stopped learning kanji and just never started up again? You have every reason to feel proud of yourself for what you have already accomplished.

Good luck on reaching level 60!


I’m not there yet, but it will probably be about 4 years and a few months by the time I’m level 60.


:high_touch: Team taking it slow


I like those 3 day levels toward the end! Looking forward to that!

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I’m wondering how much you retain after that long of a break, and what your stats look like after compared to before–as far as % correct every review. If you did anything correct, it would be purchasing a lifetime membership, lol. I find myself being less motivated lately to knock out my lessons and reviews. I don’t hate them, I just have other things I want to work on more is all. Actually, I’ve had a couple review sessions lately with a lot of vocab and only manage 80%. It really makes me angry to miss things I should have got right, then I start missing other things. I figure it’s just because I’m not as motivated and focused lately, so whatever.