Happiness Week 2 - Absolute Beginner Book Club

First time I try to read a manga in Japanese, it looks like it is going to be a really fun experience.
In Pg. 20 I didn’t understand the おくってくから part.
I saw above that it was probably shortened from おくっていくから, is this common to omit letters that way?
Also what is the meaning of から in that context?


In spoken language, yes. See here for a list of many common contractions (among them ていく->てく

If you look at definition 7 in Jisho, から can express sympathy or warning.
The Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns has this to say on から as used at the end of a sentence:

から is used at the end of a sentence and conveys a sense of warning or comforting. This is a usage that expresses various messages to the listener by implication, without explicit verbalization. […] Used in spoken language.

My theory is it still means something like “because”, but with the rest of the implied sentence left unsaid. This is very common in Japanese. In this case the unsaid part might be something like “don’t go alone” maybe?


I translated it like that as well, you can probably imagine something along the lines of “because it’s dangerous outside” or “I’m your mom, and I want to protect you” or “It’s safer like that”

Japanese people are mind readers after all


From here からの意味 - goo国語辞書


DeepL translation, because I don’t trust myself to do a better job :stuck_out_tongue:
“(used as a final particle) to express a strong assertion or determination.”

I think this is the meaning it’s taking here. The “because” meaning that other comments mentioned is also listed, but I think this one fits best.

And DeepL didn’t catch this with its translation, but it also mentions ぞ as a synonym, in case you already know that particle.


@omk3 @Gorbit99 @Milgram My interpretation is “…I’ll come with you to…” [some place, like the bus stop] and she didn’t finish. Since mum will come with him, maybe she wanted to add “therefore please wait me, while I change my clothes…” but here I’m entering into the Matrix…

Like @Milgram and me said, this から is basically emphasis and added emotion. The sentence is not actually unfinished, in terms of the speaker being interrupted. What I said about unfinished sentences was me just theorizing on how I think から may have ended up being used like this. There are many more constructions that seem unfinished, like ending a sentence with ないと (and meaning “must” because things like いけない are omitted but implied), or ending a sentence with が, to name just two - they’re not actually considered unfinished as such, but it may help to consider them unfinished at first in order to understand them.

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@downtimes @omk3 Thank you! That was super helpful. Really appreciate you guys providing so many different examples in your explanations. Learning something in this language that doesn’t necessarily fully translate over to English is always very satisfying.

Clearly asking the very important question here. Made me laugh, thanks :laughing:


Ooh, this week was great, had some great horror elements (which is kinda why I signed up for this one). Will be reading ahead this week as I am camping next weekend and don’t want to get behind.


Definitely had an easier time reading this week’s pages, but so far I find this manga a comfortable read for me in general. That makes me happy!

I also really appreciate all the grammar questions that have been asked so far.

I enjoyed the full spread of the vampire on pages 30 and 31. The blood dripping from her mouth is so ominous. I do love cool girls. :smiling_face: I just hope she’s not sexualized too much in the coming chapters.


I really liked this chapter. I’m happy to say it was an easy read for me, although I had to check some words on the spreadsheet. It gives me confidence knowing I can be comfortable reading simple mangas in Japanese :slight_smile:
I liked the onomatopeia ズキ / throbbing pain. Japanese really has a way to find a word for everything.

So what was everyones most liked page or spread?

I agree with you. p28 / the melding face. It struck me as a nice way to represent the state of mind of the main character. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this in a manga??

As for the title, It seems the main character is quite unhappy (what with considering the idea of dying/ others dying), but then realizes he doesn’t want to die when bit by the vampire. Maybe this will represent a wake up call for him to stand up for himself with his new powers and gained confidence.


This week’s experience was much smoother, just like others have pointed out. Constructions were mostly straightforward and used more common vocabulary, so the hardest part was probably the onomatopoeia. Thus, I’ve found the manga more enjoyable and I have been able to invest myself in the story much more.

Being the end of a chapter, I find that maybe the writer should have stopped 4 pages earlier, to keep the reader wondering how would the main character fair, but I guess that there’s enough of a cliff-hanger to leave it at where we are.

Thanks everyone for last week’s questions and answers as well as the ones already done. I’m learning a lot.

So what was everyones most liked page or spread?

Mine was definitely p.34, as I find it both fun and nuanced.
First, we get a big facial picture of vampire-chan in what I’d classify as a happy or satisfied face. I think this is important, because it could convey that she is either lonely and is happy to have a new night-buddy, has recently had a hard time converting new people to vampirism and she finally managed it, or maybe she’s just happy that the boy chose to keep living despite the new circumstances. In any case, it’s such a 可愛い image.

The second part, where she stands up, cleans her mouth and simply goes off, it’s like the meme of “refusing to elaborate”. Like, hey, I just did this thing to you, asked a crucial question in death’s door and then just went my way refusing to elaborate. Very 草 moment, as japanese would say in chat.


A bit surprised how smooth this week’s reading went. Also it got a bit more interesting so I probably will read along next week too.


For me, it is the first time I sign up for a book club, but I am loving it!

Although at my level it is very slow, it is a rewarding experience when you are able to understand the story. Sadly, I made the mistake of not looking at the vocab sheet in the beginning and it is only now after checking it that I can fully visualise チョココロネ, haha.

Thank you very much for all your help, looking forward to the next week!

PS I find the double-paged “vampire looking down” the best scene so far and I do share some concerns from week 1 about the protagonist being too much of a perv, although this might be because we are just at the beginning of the story and the first half of the first chapter still weights a lot.


I’ve seen several comments like this about the protagonist and I was thinking about it and I don’t think that he’s being portrayed as a “perv” at all. It’s more like he’s a young adolescent male with all the hormones that entails. I thought it was worth noting that when his friend points out the girl on the stairs he seems to be embarrassed and red-faced rather than excited (now his friend might be a different story, haha). Of course later he is aroused by the memory but again, he is a young male. I just thought I’d try and cut him some slack. Also I’m writing from a male perspective (I was young once, LOL) Of course I haven’t read the rest of the manga, so I might be totally wrong…


I see your point, and to some extent, I agree with you. Neither I want to raise a debate about this kind of behaviour here nor to stigmatise the protagonist for it. The main problem for me is not the act per se, but how gratuitous that scene is in the context of the story, as we cannot infer any feelings from the protagonist so early. We do not know who the girl is or the kind of relationship they might have if any. I wonder if the only reason behind that scene is to add more insight into the kind of life he is living before being bitten. A life where he is bullied and keeps everything for himself. I don’t know, but as you pointed out it is too early perhaps to tell.

One last thing I fully agree with you is that probably his friend should be the one to blame here haha…it makes me also wonder if this means that the friend will play a different role in the future.

Apologies for overanalysing too much and writing too many assumptions that probably will be proven wrong haha.


Finished this week’s chapter. Time to work on vocab and grammar! [dies dead]


Found it a lot easier this week - I actually managed a few bits of dialogue without having to look anything up! But I definitely still needed the vocab sheet for chunks of it, so again a massive thanks to everyone who put it together :slight_smile:


This is my first manga. 100% newb here… :durtle_hello: I have always admired the art, but… WOW. Some of the art in the pages for this week were incredible! :star_struck:

I also found this week a bit easier to read (perhaps because we didn’t have a newscaster or bullies to decode? :upside_down_face:) In any case, I am looking forward to the story unfolding!

Thanks to our fearless leaders for choosing this book, and thanks to everyone contributing to the stellar vocabulary list! :heartbeat: どうもうありがとうございます!


…since I got yelled at via blue message box next to a draft for replying to too many individual posts, lol… :face_holding_back_tears: thanks Koichi; I am still learning the message boards.

@Memoria - same same. I hope she’s not too sexualized either… but vampirism has a long history of being sexualized. I’m no expert on the topic, but I have a friend (American) who is an horror author. In some of her fiction, she writes to try to reverse the sexism vs. the sexuality. My expectation is that our leaders would’ve had more smut warnings if things got too bad, so time will tell.


Thank you for sharing this excerpt detailing the questioning particle の. I also had not seen this before (as I am a new-comer to manga), and I really appreciate the examples that you shared here.


What do you do with the vocab sheets? I mean, do you put all those words on anki/kitsun/memrise or something like that?

Whats your advice/personal feelings That’s my first reading. I’m just reading and looking up words in the sheets and adding some words when I’m the first to have troubles with them.

Should I do something more if I really want to improve?

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