Grammar routine

Wanikani motivated me to study everyday vocabulary and understand.
Does someone knows an good grammar routine that I can use everyday for like 30 mins.

I do a few pages in my textbook everyday. Usually somewhere around 4-8 pages. Works well for me

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from genki?

Nah, I’ve already finished both the Genki books. Now I’m dusting off my grammar, after a few months of not doing any grammar, with the JLPT N4 Grammar book. I’m almost done with that one though and will be moving on to the N3 Grammar and N3 Dokkai.

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I don’t know, textbooks are boring feels like I don’t really understand where I’m going to.
When I’m doing something without goals it just takes away my interest, that is why wanikani, is such a good source, that’s why I want to find something similar.

I don’t know, maybe you could do a lesson on Imabi every day? Or do some lessons on Renshuu?

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There are lots of good textbooks. I will list some, free or otherwise.

Online textbooks

Paid online textbooks

  • TextFugu by Tofugu!
  • 80/20Japanese available in physical, audio and online form.
  • Mondly is not technically a textbook. It’s similar to DuoLingo or Rosetta Stone Japanese.

Physical textbooks
These are available from Amazon for cheaper, the links are to the official sites.

Kids books and native support


Probably it’s just planning so you know what you gonna do it that 30 mins and then just do it.

How about a video/youtube course like from nihongonomori or japanese from zero? Or one of the Udemy online courses?

Progressive listening lesson, by chapter, twice a week; make it Monday and Thursday.

I tried to do 1 chapter a day, but that can seriously be too fast.

I used to hate using textbooks too and just wanted to find something as motivating as WaniKani for grammar. I’ve started using the Try series ( N4 Grammar currently ). Each chapter is split into different points for each new grammar concept and I try and do one a day with a minimum of one chapter a week ( there are differing amounts in each chapter ).

Mostly I discovered that making my own spreadsheet in order to track my progress helped give my usually unstructured study a more structured feeling.

This is my favourite spreadsheet, ignore the piano section. Things only get turned green once I’ve completed them and I get a 1 for study and a 0 for no study ( doesn’t matter how much or little just that I put in some time at least ). Then I have it calculate me a percentage based on how much I’ve slacked off. Gives me enough motivation.


I would go with doing a bit of Genki or whatever each day. You could do a Japanesepod101 tutorial some days for a change. Or see if you can set up a schedule on Renshuu. Renshuu is great actually, only thing it lacks is mnemonics, so it’s my second layer as it were. I learn stuff elsewhere first and then do it on Renshuu. I’ve not really tried it for grammar specifically but it does have it.

This is so pretty :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Excuse me while I steal almost this entire thing for myself :heart:

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Superorganized and really inspiring. Thank you for sharing! :heart_decoration:

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二本語 should be 日本語

My Japanese teacher pointed that out to me once.

Beautiful spreadsheet. It’s good to look back and get the idea of making some progress.


Oops, typo. Thanks good spot! :slight_smile:

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