Got To Level 11 the Forgot about WK. Start over or catchup?

I’ve reset before and regretted it terribly. As someone who regularly wanders away from WaniKani only to return again weeks and months later, I’ve practically made an art form of getting my reviews back under control.

My recommendation is to use a reorder script to organize your reviews into manageable groups. Starting with reviewing only radicals gives you a leg up on sparking memories of kanji mnemonics, and if you leave the vocab for last, your guesses will be much more accurate.

I also suggest settings that allow you to do the most recent reviews first. That way the reviews you’ve just done will come back as soon as they’re available, leaving older reviews in an untouched backlog until you’re ready to pull them out and add them to your cycle. On the iphone app Tsurukame, you can set the reviews setting to “Order: Newest Available First”, while I believe the script Reorder Omega calls it “Sort Type: Overdue Days”.

You said that you have some 400 burned items, which means you’ve already sunk more than 6 months into your current level. It might take a month or more to wade your way through those 1000 reviews, but you’ll still be moving significantly faster than if you went back and tried to start over from scratch. As far as staring at the sheer numbers, I suggest keeping a running log to remind yourself that it’s going down. and encouraging yourself to always end at a smaller number. If you start at 1000, end the day at 950. Can you get down to 900 tomorrow? No? 925 is fine too. 900 the day after that? You get down to 800 but then miss a few days and are back up to 950, that’s OK, make it down to 900 that day instead. Can you make it back to 800 in four days? Five? Make little short term goals and enjoy your time instead of stressing that it’s not going down fast enough. Feeling discouraged? Take a motivation break to stare in awe at this person who’s been fighting their way through more than 6000 old reviews for the last year and chronicling their journey.