Is it a good idea to restart?

Level 4 might be a bit too much.
Don’t know if I should jump back down a level and restart level 4 since I decided to do 50 reviews once a day.
Because I’m failing a lot now.

Failing isn’t a bad thing, as long as you take the time to re-read the lessons when you get something wrong.
(Or even if you get it right, but feel a bit “shaky” in term of memory fixation).

If after trying it out that way you just can’t deal with it, I guess it makes sense to restart the level. (Or even go back a bit, if you aren’t satisfied with your recollection of previous levels).
Since you are a lifetime member, you can take as long as you want. There are great discussions on this forum about how many lessons to do per day (versus doing everything at once) to not be overwhelmed.


50 reviews or 50 lessons?

SRS makes sure you know the item eventually. I would recommend continuing on and controlling your pace starting now. The workload will decrease and you can focus more on your newer items that you feel you are having trouble with.

If you want to see what you can expect with certain lesson count in terms of review workload, visit this site that rfindley made

Enter in your acc that you think youll get on average for the different levels, max daily lessons, and review times. It’ll give you a nice chart.


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Okay so about the restarting thing!

It’s completely normal to be overwhelmed and if you feel like you would learn much better and much more efficiently if you restart, then go ahead and ask to restart. :slight_smile:

But failing is really part of SRS since the more often you see it, the more it’ll get stuck in your head. If you think you can stick it out with this level then, for level 5, just figure out how many lessons you’ll do per day in order to lessen your reviews every session to a comfortable degree, that that’s good too.

There’s nothing wrong with failing. I promise! It’s just the sticky, murky, middle we have to get through before actually memorizing the vocab/kanji/radical and burning that turtle. :turtle: :fire:


I just don’t know.
I sort of cheated my way through level 3 because I was still deciding if I should become a life time member before the deal ended.
So I’m a bit lost with some Kanji.

By “cheating your way through”, do you mean you basically looked at what the kanji were, or used a script like override to always get it right?

In any case, if you genuinely feel like those “guru’d kanji” on level 3 haven’t been sufficiently “remembered”, then you’ll find out in about a week or so when the reviews come back and you fail them.

If you do many lessons on new material, depending on how you remember things and if you speed through things, you’re bound to have a low overall percentage of things you remember.

Say you did, 25 lessons. That means you have 25 items queued. Then you come back 4 hours later, do your 25 reviews, and you get 20% correct. That means that those 5 items that you got right will come back in, say, 8 hours, while the items you got wrong - the other 80%, or 20 items - will come back in another 4 hours.

Then, 4 hours later, you do the reviews again - only totalling 20 this time - and you get 40% of those right. Now you have a few more items remembered, and those 25 items aren’t just 25 new things now. You’re familiar with at least a few of them.

SRS corrects itself. If you really cheated, then you’ll find out the results of your cheating when you see the kanji/vocabulary when it comes back, and SRS will adjust whatever it is you had to whatever level you can currently remember it at until you remember it - this time, legitimately.

If you genuinely feel like you should reset, go for it - you’re not losing any subscription time, and you’re going to further whatever you quarter-remembered. You can push through it, and eventually SRS will catch up and the items will be better retained. It’s up to you.

Obviously, don’t cheat your way through things in the future. WaniKani, in the end, is a learning tool, not a race. While there is gamification built in, in the end, the goal is to learn Japanese (albeit a part of learning Japanese), and the only way WaniKani will succeed is if you actually end up learning what you came to learn. So buckle up, have fun, because it’s going to be a long ride.


Perfect explanation right there :slight_smile: It doesn’t hurt to rely on the system either, we’ll get there at some point.

Well, said!

It may also be a good idea to start KaniWani or something similar to reinforce the kanji you feel like you’ve cheated your way through. If you are using the ignore script, uninstall it if you feel like you cannot control yourself from abusing it.

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I was in the same boat as you before. I made it to level 3 last summer but got lazy and quit signing in for months… When I came back I didn’t remember ANYTHING, and I’d just fail all the reviews over and over. I decided to go ahead and do the reset, and it’s taken me a little over a month to hit level 3-4 again. (I don’t have exact dates, sorry. I think I was level 1 in Nov/Dec though)

Since then I’m feeling WAY more confident in my ability to read previous material and I’m keeping a pretty steady schedule. I usually do my review load in the morning and evening, and if for some reason there are no reviews or I have spare time then I’ll study all my old vocab/kanji instead.

This reset is working well for me, but it might not be necessary for you. As others have pointed out countless times, the SRS system by design will rank you according to your skill level. So if you just keep at it over a long enough period of time, it will reset you back to where you need to be.

Just keep in mind that it’s TOTALLY OKAY to fail your reviews. It might feel real bad to get a lot of wrong answers but they help you in the long run. Koichi always says learning Japanese is about making the most mistakes you can, so that you can learn from them. So don’t forget it!

I’m not sure if this is the case, but if the problem is, at least partially, that you’ve created a scenario where you have fifty reviews coming up in the same hour, you can break that into more manageable chunks.

On the reviews page, there’s a clock-looking button on the left. If you click it, it will limit the current review session to a subset of ten items from your queue. You can use this to spread a stack of fifty over five hours, giving you a much more manageable hourly workload going forward.

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I restarted from 0 at level 13 and I don’t regret it. I’m back on 8 and finding it easier. I do kaniwani concurrently to reinforce. As I get closer to 13 I’ll be taking it slow and being very careful to keep on top of the stuff I already know. I also practice vocab in Renshuu.

I was in the same boat as @Franken. I know people said to just let the SRS do its thing, but I felt that the mixed order of the reviews wasnt prepping me the same way as if I just went back through the levels and that was deflating to my confidence.

So I did a full reset midway through this month (with a lifetime membership under my belt). Feeling much more confident about going through, some items do seem familiar but others I am glad I am approaching with a fresh set of eyes.

Hopefully going to stick with it and power through where I dropped off last time.

How’s it going? I’ve scaled right back recently. Used vacation mode a couple of times. Not done any lessons for a while. Stopped doing Kaniwani and Renshuu for now. I just do Wanikai reviews in Anki mode for speed, and Bunpro reviews. Not done any lessons in Bunpro for a bit either. This way I’m standing still, which is better than nothing, and only spending half an hour a day total. I’m just below level 9 on Wanikai and nearly completed first level (N5) on Bunpro. I just wanna consolidate where I am up to for now.

I also did a reset and feel much better for it!

I also did a reset. Sometimes the SRS sorting things out just doesn’t do it for you when you’re frustrated and feeling like everything is weighing down on you. A refresh can feel like you’re pulling yourself out of a raging river and sorting yourself out. Doing things more carefully this time with knowledge of how to do it better, what to focus on and what are problem areas.

The SRS can help to an extent. But when you’re frustrated and feeling deflated, you can mess up on items you actually know because you’re just not in the right head space, and that can make things worse. There’s plenty of times that I still get items wrong that I know for a fact that I know otherwise. Because I’ve been able to read them in the wild during the long months I wasn’t active on wanikani just fine. But I’m not in the correct head space to get it right. It’s frustrating and demoralizing, but I realize that these things happen to me with English too. So I have to be kind to myself. It’s okay. I forget words in my own language all the time. Resetting can give you that kindness to allow yourself time and power to control your learning experience.

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