How to fix fonts on MacOS, Chrome

Maybe this would help someone if you didn’t like the recent font change.

It seems like the font before was something called Hiragino Sans. You can make sure if it is installed in Font Book app:

On Chrome there is Stylebot plugin:

Install the following plugin, open it and click “Options”:

After that in settings add “Hiragino Sans” to the font list:

Then you can go back to WaniKani. Click on Stylebot, then “Open Stylebot”, select the text in review/lessons/quiz page:

Change font to “Hiragano Sans” and style to “Light” (otherwise it will be to thick). You can do the same for all elements which contain hiragana or kanji on WaniKani. In my opinion it looks much better and more close to what I had before.

If you have know how to fix that issue in Safari, feel free to post your solution.