Good Japanese Physical Dictionary?

Can anyone recommend a good Japanese physical dictionary? I mean one that’s only in Japanese, not English < - > Japanese. ( Preferably available on as I am already signed up on there. )

Also would a kanji dictionary and a normal dictionary be completely separate, or do some dictionaries do both? Any help or advice would be appreciated, thanks.

I’ve heard good things about 新明解 (shinmeikai) but as far as monolingual dictionaries go I’m not sure there are any specifically oriented towards japanese learners. Would be nice if someone could point out otherwise though. c:

Paging @Leebo

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I think this is probably one of the most famous jp only dictionaries!


Most I have seen are separate. Here is a link to a ranking of dictionaries. Might be helpful 【辞書マニア監修】国語辞典の人気おすすめランキング29選【2023年版!中学生や社会人・大人向けも】|セレクト - gooランキング

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I do have a bunch of them. I’ll take a look later.


I would highly recommend the Kojien dictionary (広辞苑 if you want to look it up on Amazon Japan more easily) that @VictorLino meantioned especially if you can find a less expensive, used one. You could splurge on the very latest edition, but if you are just starting out learning you likely will not need all the of the most newest words that are added. I have an older copy that I got from a Half Price Books. It’s a pretty impressive book.


I’m actually also quite interested, do you maybe have a short list of your favourites?

I really like this pair of dictionaries:


The first is a vocab dictionary, the second a kanji dictionary. They are technically aimed at elementary school students in Japan, but all that means is that the most obscure vocab are not included and the font is a little bigger and easier to read than a more formal dictionary. They are really beautiful books that are perfect for the Japanese learner.


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