Goiryoku Club: the first 42 days!

Hey everyone! I’ve been hard at work on my intermediate-to-advanced Japanese learning blog, Goiryoku Club. Thanks to all of you who’ve been following the blog and who subscribed to the e-mail list: I have 40 mailing list subscribers and get about 25 visitors to the blog each day. It’s a great start!

As of tonight, I’ll have written 42 days of blog entries: one per day for about a month and a half. I wanted to share the words here, as a list of articles that you can check out to learn about words.

Here’s the list. The first introductory post is here.

  1. 愛嬌: Lovable and winsome
  2. 期せずして: When you least expect it
  3. 心底: From the bottom of my heart
  4. 未明: Waking up at oh-dark-thirty
  5. 見掛け倒し: Looks can be deceiving
  6. お節介: Nobody invited you, Buttinski
  7. Week 0 Review
  8. 毛嫌い: Just can’t stand it
  9. 労力: Putting in the effort
  10. こじつけ: That’s a stretch
  11. 患う: Feeling ill
  12. 指折り: One of the best
  13. 画期的: Making breakthroughs
  14. Week 1 Review
  15. 努めて: Giving it your best shot
  16. 横着: What a slacker
  17. 義務: Doing what ought to be done
  18. 定着: Settling down
  19. 殺風景: Stark and dreary
  20. 成果: The fruit of your labors
  21. Week 2 Review
  22. 一目置く: I respect your skills
  23. 早速: In a jiffy
  24. 障害: Running into obstacles
  25. 飢餓: Literally starving
  26. 曙: The dawn of a new day
  27. 徹底的: Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s
  28. Week 3 Review
  29. 気安い: Chill vibes
  30. 何しろ: If you give all your regards, then you’re…
  31. 遜る: A slice of humble pie
  32. 凄まじい: Going to extremes
  33. 気心の知れた: Thick as thieves
  34. 束の間: Here today, gone tomorrow
  35. Week 4 Review
  36. 肩透かし: Taking the wind out of your sails
  37. 愚痴: Quit your bellyaching
  38. 試み: Testing, testing…
  39. 素人: What a noob
  40. 充実: Feeling fulfilled
  41. 胸がときめく: Sparks joy
  42. Week 5 Review

If you enjoy the articles, please keep checking out the blog and subscribe to the mailing list. I’d love to have more people reading what I write, providing feedback, and responding to my posts with questions and sample sentences of your own. あんがとない!!


Just commenting to say good luck. I like seeing personal projects as I am also working on different ones.

The blog looks cool, keep it up!


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