Get list of WaniKani sentences

I’d like to do my own studying using the WaniKani sentences. Is there some way to get either a) the list of all the WaniKani sentences, or b) a list of the WaniKani sentences associated with the Kanji that I’ve already learned?

Any advice would be appreciated!

There is the ‘4500 sentences’ pack in the Tofugu store.

I’m sure the list of sentences can be retrieved through the official API, if you know any programming.
Documentation at: WaniKani API Reference

Theoretically you can retrieve a list of all the vocab, and just extract the sentences from the response.

Yes, as @jneapan suggests, you can use the API. If you have the Wanikani Open Framework installed to do the heavy lifting, you can put something like this in the console on your browser (adapted from some code to generate cloze deletion versions of the sentences):

var giant = "";
function cleanString( x ) {
  return x.replace( /[\n]/g, " " ).replace( /\s+/g, " " ).trim();
wkof.ItemData.get_items({wk_items:{filters:{level:"1..-1", item_type: "voc"}}}).then(function(items){
    items.forEach(function(item) { {
            let clozeText = "英:".concat( cleanString( cs["en"] ), "<br/>日:", cleanString( cs["ja"] ) );
            giant = giant.concat( clozeText, "\n" );
    console.log( "done" );

You’ll have the sentences in a variable called “giant” that you can then copy and paste somewhere else.

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Nice one :+1:

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