Genki 1 2nd edition Skype buddies?

So I’m having to restart Genki 1 2nd edition again because I stopped for to long in between lessons. The last time I did this I wasn’t able to do any of the class work exercises that come with the text book and work book. I was wondering if someone would be interested in doing a Skype call to practice these exercises and also practice speaking. I struggle with that portion and I don’t really have anyone to talk to. We don’t have to do it every week and the day itself can be flexible.

Edit: I guess I should put that in open to using discord. I’m also in Texas so I will be in Central time (GMT-5)

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This is something that I think I would be interested in. I have been focusing solely on WK so my grammar is very poor. I have tried Genki on a couple of occasions earlier without much success. This seems like a low pressure way to keep myself on track as far as grammar is concerned. Let me know if you want to discuss this further. I am in mountain time (Utah). However, if your grammar is already too advanced for me it probably won’t work. If you are starting Genki I then we are probably around the same level.

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Actually I barely remember the grammar from the last time I studied it. I just went through the first lesson. Do you also have the work book? If not I do have a link to the PDF file. :slight_smile: I would very much like to be your study buddy. What does your schedule look like?

Yeah the link to the workbook would be great, thank you. My schedule is pretty flexible and I can work with almost any day of the week. I do have preferences though. My first choice would be Mon/Fri (any time after 1 PM mountain time), followed by the weekends. Tue, Wed, and Thur are a little more packed but I can find time on those days if necessary. Let me know what times work for you.

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Well, I work Monday through Friday from 9am -5:30pm Central time so that would be 10am-6:30pm your time. My best days would be Tue/Thur but Friday could work if we were done before 11pm your time. :slight_smile: I usually take my dog for runs on Mon, Wed, and Fri so she doesn’t lose her mind lol. Would you be okay with once a week or every other week? Here is the link to Genki 1&2 textbooks and workbooks. Let me know if it doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link man, it works perfectly. If we pick Friday, any time after 1 PM central time would work for me (you will probably be at work before that anyway); we can pick any time after your work ends.

Maybe we could start with once every other week and see how that goes? We can adjust the frequency based on how we are doing. I am probably going to be ridiculously slow, lol.

Edit: If it’s okay with you, I would prefer discord since I already use it for a couple of other things. But I am fine with skype too if you prefer that.

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Why don’t we go ahead and slider over to discord then. :slight_smile: I’m about to go on a run so I won’t be able to check my email frequently. LeChoy#9798 :slight_smile:

Just sent a request :+1:

Hi Chaps.
I’d love to join you in your endeavour.
I’m based in Seoul so the time difference may not work out but if a third person is a plus and if you decide on a time after 6pm Central time then I’d love to join you.

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