Garden Appreciation Thread

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Anyone who wants to help assemble a nice list of gardening related words, please do!

To Do:

  • Create more categories. Plants, tools, flowers, etc…
  • Find preferably common words
  • Find kanji
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I have been putting lots of gardening pictures in the Nature Appreciation Thread for years. But really, gardening is a specific category of its own.

A garden might just be a single pot with tomatoes. Or it might be 1000 acres of corn. Or a couple of small rice paddys. Or a few flowers at the entrance to your home. Share all of that here, and share your process of preparing food from your garden.

I am sure that many of you are doing some gardening this year while you are out of work or school.

Throw some seeds in the ground, and they grow!

Talk about gardening words and kanji too!

  • ガーデン

  • 庭(にわ) garden, yard, courtyard

  • 庭園(ていえん) garden, park

  • 園(その) garden, orchard, park

  • 畑( はたけ) farm field, vegetable plot, kitchen garden

  • 菜園(さいえん) vegetable garden

  • æ ½(せんざい) garden, trees and flowers in a garden

  • 植物しょくぶつ plants

  • 植木(うえき) garden shrubs, trees, potted plants

  • 芝生しばふ lawn

  • 花壇かだん flower bed

  • 垣根かきね hedge (fence)

  • 垣かき fence

  • 池いけ pond

Garden Tools

園芸用具(えんげいようぐ )

Word Kanji Kana Alt Notes
shovel シャベル
trowel ハンドシャベル
spade スペード
scoop スコップ
rake 熊手 くまで bear hand
hoe 鍬 くわ
hand clippers 植物クリッパー しょくぶつクリッパー
shears 剪定鋏 せんていばさみ
chainsaw チェーンソー
gloves グローブ
plant pot 植木鉢 うえきばち

Insects and critters


critter kanji kana kana notes
mosquito 蚊 か
butterfly 蝶 ちょう 蝶々 ちょうちょう
slug 蛞蝓 なまくじ ナメクジ usually kana
housefly 家蠅 いえばえ イエバエ usually kana
horsefly 虻 おぶ usually kana
earthworm 蚯蚓 みみず usually kana
bee 蜂 はち
bumble bee 丸花蜂 まるはなばち round flower bee
honey 蜂蜜 はちみつ
caterpillar 毛虫 けむし
preying mantis 蟷螂 かまきり カマキリ
cicada 蝉 せみ セミ
spider 蜘蛛 くも
Ladybug/ladybird 天道虫 テントウムシ usually kana

Garden Vegetables

Word Kanji Explain
daikon 大根(だいこん )
garlic 大蒜(にんにく) usually kana
konjac 蒟蒻(こんにゃく)
lettuce 萵苣( ちしゃ) usually レタス
onion 玉(たま)ねぎ usually kana
peas, beans 豆(まめ)
potato じゃが芋(いも) usually kana
shiso シソ


Word Kanji Kana Alt Notes
Alstroemeria アルストロメリア
Chrysanthemum きく 菊 ギク
Climbing Rose 蔓バラ つるバラ 蔓 - vine, tendril
Cymbidium シンビジウム
Chrysanthemum きく 菊 ギク
Eustoma ユーストマ
Freesia フリージア
Galtonia ガルトニア
Hydrangea 紫陽花 あじさい
Iris あやめ
Lemon Leaf レモンリーフ
Leucadendron リューカデンドロン
Lilac 紫丁香花 むらさきはしどい ライラック
Lilium 百合 ゆり ユリ
Lily of the Valley 鈴蘭 すずらん
Lotus Flower 蓮花 れんげ
Narcissus 水仙 すいせん スイセン usually kana
Multlifora Daffodil, Narcissus Tazetta リューカデンドロン
Peony 芍薬 しゃくやく ぼたん
Phalaenopsis 胡蝶蘭 こちょうらん コチョウラン usually kana
Rose 薔薇 ばら バラ
Statice (flower), sea-lavender スターチス
Tulip 鬱金香 うっこんこう チューリップ
Waxflower ワックスフラワー
Wisteria 藤 ふじ

I started a batch of spring onions fermenting yesterday.


I love fermenting, and pickles. This is the first time that I tried straight onions. It is just onions, and salt, and salt brine. They should be done by the end of the week.

<漬物> [つけもの] pickled things
<漬ける> [つける] to pickle

More pickle words after work today! Unless I am out in the garden 'till bed time!


I have a black thumb. I shall enjoy your horticultural adventures from a safe distance.


I watered my plants three times so far this year


Aaaahhhhh I love it I love iiiit :heart:

I tried to see if my old seeds would still germinate as I really wanted to get some basil and tomatoes going for my summer but…none germinated. not a single one.

And I can’t get any new ones until the world is unpaused so :sob:

But I love seeing gardens so yay a new fave thread!


鈴蘭[すずらん]が楽しみです ^o^
&蝶 ^o^



ALSO HI @TomatoSalad I am sorry to hear about your seeds :heart: :tomato: :heart:

I moved house back in September/October but my new house (that is actually mine! :open_mouth:) is only lawn and bare soil at the moment. The place we rented before was almost entirely patio, but it had a stunning climbing rose 蔓バラ (entwined with a honeysuckle) and a weigela that the bumblebees adored.

please ignore the laundry :see_no_evil:

enjoy this blurry bumblebee all covered in pollen!

丸花蜂 - a round bee!
花粉 - flower powder!


Let me screencap my instagram real quick…

私のガーデン (去年)

あやめ (hmmm I think Japanese has different words for different kinds and idk if this is called あやめ)

紫丁香花 (むらさきはしどい)・ ライラック

紫陽花 ・ あじさい

芍薬 (しゃくやく) ? I always thought of peony as ぼたん but I’m not sure these are botan…

鈴蘭 (すずらん)

蝶( ちょう)



My gardening skills are aspirational. I had a couple plants last year (in my tiny studio apartment on the sixth floor, so no outdoor space for me). I let them die…

I did until you mentioned it :slightly_smiling_face:

You can’t order online?


Ditto! :joy: .


nope, I unfortunately don’t live in the first world so there’re a lot of factors that affect that whole idea. Long story short, it’s much better for me in many ways if I just wait it out.


@TomatoSalad you can start tomatoes from a tomato! Just put a thin slice of tomato in a pot, and cover it with 1 or 2 cm of soil, and you will get a ton of sprouts in a couple of weeks.

@Radish8 (why do I feel like I am talking to vagetables here …) I am sure that you can do wonderful things with your new lawn. How much outdoor space do you have?

@veilchengelee Thank you for the flower words! I am trying to talk to my flowers in Japanese this year.



Never fear, I have great and elaborate plans! It’s a pretty dinky garden - there’s a patio area (パティオ, hah), and then a lawn (芝生しばふ) slopes away from the house, cut in half by a stone path. I’m planning to turn the left-hand side of the lawn into a bed (花壇かだん). It’s much skinnier than the right half (and thus rather pointless as a lawn anyway), and gets much more sun.

When we moved in I laid all the (non-gluey) cardboard boxes over the lawn to kill it off over the winter. So the left is now just bare soil with some tenacious weeds :grin: we’re putting up some trellis (トレリス) on the fence (垣かき) this weekend, and digging the remaining cardboard in.

Here it is back in October:

I have a little huddle of plants in pots (植木鉢うえきばち) waiting to go in! Although they’re sat below the bird feeders, so the wood pigeons keep sitting on them to get at the seeds that fall down… The juniper (common, 西洋杜松せいようねず, apparently usually written in kana) is looking decidedly flatter than when it arrived :sweat_smile:


This is a really nice size of garden to start off with. I sometimes long for my row-home garden (lived there from 2000 to 2010), which was small enough for me to do all of the weeding in one day, and also small enough to make absolutely perfect. You have so much potential there!

Is that an apple tree in the photo dropping free fruit?

This size of garden really allows for the Japanese court yard kind of design, if that is your thing …


Yes, that was definitely part of the consideration when looking at houses :blush: did not want to bite off more than I can chew!

Yes! Next door’s apple tree overhangs our garden. It’s lovely, and perfect for hanging feeders right in front of the kitchen window. Although the apples also drop onto the flat part of the roof, so we’re going to have to hang out the window with a broom at some point to get them off :sweat_smile:

Also, you can see our Christmas tree Norman (he is a Nordic pine) in that photo :grin: :christmas_tree:


Wow, I already love this thread. :heart_eyes:

I just recently started getting interested in plants and growing vegetables. Since last year, I own a handful of plants in my apartment ( I almost got all of them for free). Never owned any plants before. I never thought I could take good care of plants but so far all of them seem to do well!.. apart from two small cacti that I killed off last year. At least I know it’s because I watered them too much lol.

And I have a rather big balcony. Where I grew some herbs last year. I didn’t seed them myself but bought them, then just replanted, dispensed and cut them regularly. Whatever I didn’t need at the moment, I put in the freezer. They lasted until winter because temperatures weren’t too low. I didn’t want to take them inside, so I let them die… :sweat_smile:
Sadly, the herbs I seeded myself didn’t turn out so great :frowning: but I will try again this year!

I got some narcissi as a present last year and didn’t throw them away but just kept them on my balcony. Didn’t take any care of them at all, nature did its magic on its own and they bloomed again this year :heart_eyes: I want to replant them and dispense the blubs (is that the correct term?), though, because they are still in the pot that came with them.

I also collected some pots from the neighborhood (by putting boxes with all kind of objects in them on the street, people just give away stuff for free regulary) and bought some on the flea market. Weather is going to be sunny this weekend, so I will replant my indoor plants and will start planting some herbs and maybe vegetables. I want to try spinach for the first time. Oh and I have some sunflower seeds that I want to use.

Thanks for the tip! I will definetly try! :star_struck:


Can you do thst with cucumbers, too? Completely different plant, I know. And do you put them on the bottom of the pot, or lay them on soil, then cover? Also, can you grow two differents plants in one 30cm diameter pot?


Its still too cold outside for me to have an outdoor garden (its actually still snowing :cry:)

However! I’ve managed to sprout some pine seeds from a bonsai kit my mom gave me:


Cucumbers are trickier - some store bought types are hybrids, so the seeds could be duds, or could produce plants with very different fruit than the parent fruit.

I would say that a 30cm diameter pot is only large enough for 1 fruiting plant, and possibly isn’t even large enough for that - herbs would be better.

A very general rule of thumb is the larger the seed, the deeper they go, but never at the bottom of a pot (bulbs and corms might get planted nearly that deep). Somewhere from a light dusting of soil to just barely cover them to 3 - 4 cm deep for beans and such.


Tomatoes can be hybrids too and see the exact same issue.

I’d advise not to plant with noncomposted food scraps and instead extract the seeds. The process of rotting the flesh can also harm the seeds, and for tomatoes there is a hormone in the fruit that prevents germination of seeds (this keep it from sprouting within the plant).

For cucumbers in a pot (which is what I’m doing this year) a trellis or couple sticks for the vines to climb is best IMO. Cucumbers do prefer large pots, I’m not sure I’d go less than 5 gallon per plant (paint buckets with holes drilled in them are a great cheap DIY Planter)

The rule of thumb I was taught was to not plant seeds deeper than twice its diameter. So basil and strawberry I barely scratch in, tomato maybe up to 1/4 inch, and cucumber no more than 1/2 inch but I usually put that one around 1/4 as well. It’s been working for me!

The thing with seeds, is they contain all the energy to within the seed needed to sprout. If they use up all that energy and haven’t broken the suffice and sprouted their baby leaves they just die. Without those leaves they can’t get energy from the sun after all. So too deep and the smaller seeds especially don’t have enough energy to germinate.

I love gardening