One of the best grammar source for beginners

Maybe it was already mentioned here but I can’t stress Nuff how good this source is.
Listing all n5-n4 grammar points on example texts from anime and video games. + in the full video he gives a brief explanation of how and when it’s used.
Imho a very good supplementation source for all people especially those who focus on immersion.

In his channel, he also has amazing content for more advanced learners where he goes through popular games like final fantasy remake/ persona and breakdowns all sentences there one by one.
It’s a very solid crutch for all intermediate+ learners who are still overwhelmed by the difficulty of immersion material.


I saw the video for N5 on youtube, it is nice having a video like this showing the uses of grammar in videogame dialogues.

After a while, without practice I already forgot most of it :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the reference. This looks awesome!
I will definitely give that a look as I approach the end of my lonely and very, very, veeery loooong journey with Genki 1…

Thanks I’ll have a look at this. I was trying Bunpro and while it seems great for memorising points you’ve at least read and understood once, even on N5 I found myself on some grammar points it’s just doesn’t teach you or provide you a good link for so I have no idea what to do on those points.

Very cool thanks. I wouldn’t have guessed there’s so much to know just for the N5

This is so awesome, thanks for sharing!

Hello! Thank you for this information, but as someone who hasn’t learned any grammar for Japanese and have only been doing Wanikani reviews, is this source a good place to start?

Are you able to read the context sentences in WK?

Maybe find a way to expose yourself to some easy sentences. Check out the absolute beginner and beginner playlists of the comprehensible japanese youtube channel. This is a good place to start listening and reading and expanding your vocab imo

Will do that, thanks!

I checked the Complete Beginner playlist and it’s showing body parts first, I’m guessing it’ll work my way up to Japanese grammar.

You should start learning grammar now but one problem with this resource (the gaming one) is if you don’t know anything yet you won’t know which points are the most basic. For example, も (also) is one of the first things to learn but here it’s just mixed in with other more advanced ones.

Using a textbook or something like Genki helps solve this problem as it’s organized for you

Those beginner videos I mentioned will also help because in the absolute beginner series she will avoid using anything but the most basic grammar that you should definitely already know by the time you’re level 10+ in Wanikani

Thank you so much!

I’ll look into Genki, seems like it’s the structure that’s used by English unis as well. But I’ll start with the YT playlist you recommended first. Thanks again! :smiley:

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